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Rowhedge - Waterfront and Ferry

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Local Regattas

Rowhedge Regatta c.1905

Rowhedge Regatta pre 1910 - Athur & Esther Simons  - Jonathan Cranfields smack Lily.jpg
The elderly couple looking at Capt. Jonathan Cranfield's fishing smack  Lily are Arthur & Esther (nee Pearson) Simons. Arthur's son Arthur was married to Capt. Jonathan Cranfield's daughter Emma. Flossie, another daughter of Capt. Cranfield is seen nearest the end of Lily's boom.

Rowhedge Regatta 1910 and later

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Local regattas - Newspaper articles



THE ESSEX STANDARD - Friday 6 September 1839 - “WEST MERSEA REGATTA - The second annual regatta at the above watering place took place last Thursday, under the most favourable auspices. It was only last year that a few gentlemen, who have greatly interested themselves to promote the island in public opinion as a summer retreat, set on foot the regatta, which was then only accomplished at a considerable outlay to the projectors; but the results of Thursday seem fully to warrant us in stating that the many gratifications afforded upon these occasions were duly appreciated by a most numerous and respectable company of visitors. The margin of the water was crowded by a gay assemblage from every part of the vicinity, and especially from the town of Colchester. By the excellent arrangements of the committee of management... the whole of the aquatic sports passed off most satisfactorily.... A Government tender, the “Flying Fish,” was moored a short distance from the shore, and was gaily decorated with ensigns, from which the sailing vessels started. Several parties paid a visit to the gallant captain, and were most courteously received and entertained by him.

About one o’clock, the signal gun was fired from the tender, when the following first-class vessels started:- The Comet, Brightlingsea, (Pink) John Salmon- First, £6.6s.0d. The Louisa, ditto, (Green) Robert Barnes- Second, £2.12s.6d. The Industry, Tollesbury, (White) Edward Dines- Third, £1.11s.6d. The Hawk, Brightlingsea, (Yellow) A. Jefferies- Fourth, £1.1s. The Agnes, Wivenhoe, (Blue) John Bartlett.

The following second-class vessels followed shortly after:-

The Pink, Wivenhoe, (Pink) John Barr- First, £3.3s. The Magnet, Mersea, (White) E.W. Cook- Second, £1.11s.6d. The Bee, Donyland, (Green) Joseph Cole- Third, 10s.6d. True Blue, Mersea (Blue) Thomas Long. Isaac and Rebecca, Donyland, (Pink and White). The Dart, St. Osyth, (Yellow)....

The aquatic sports terminated with a duck hunt, to the great amusement of the spectators... The Colchester Licensed Victuallers’ booth was engaged for the occasion, and erected near the scene of amusement, where upwards of 300 ladies and gentlemen dined at four o’clock... An excellent band of music was in attendance, which played during the day and at the dinner.”

THE CHELMSFORD CHRONICLE - 4 September 1840 - “West Mersea Regatta - On Friday last the third annual Regatta took place upon the river opposite West Mersea Cottage. The day being fine, the assemblance upon the beach was very numerous and respectable, thousands having congregated, owing to the attractions held out by the aquatic bill of fare. An excellent band of music much enlivened the scene, which comprised a great proportion of the youth, beauty, and fashion from the neighbourhood, as well as from Maldon, Kelvedon, and Colchester. The Sailing Matches stood first upon the list, but the calmness of the weather prevented the matches coming off at the early part of the day.... [Rowing matches, and the Duck Hunt] These sports terminated a little after three o’clock, when a sufficient breeze was announced for the commencement of the Sailing Matches which took place; but the dinner hour  having arrived, the matches failed in the interest they would have excited if they had taken place at the early part of the day. The Stewards with their families and friends, with about 130 ladies and gentlemen, repaired to the Colchester Licensed Victuallers’ booth, erected on the beach, in which was a sumptuous cold collation.... Four vessels, cutter rigged, under 14 tons, Second Class, 1st. The Victory, Tollesbury; 2nd. The Dart, St. Osyth; 4rd. The Sarah, Wivenhoe, Wm. Barr; 4th. The Edward, of Donyland, Wm. Southgate. The dinner party having broken up, a quadrille band was kept up till a late hour upon the beach.- This closed the amusements of the day, and the company separated, with a pleasing reflection upon their visit to Mersea Regatta. We cannot conclude without stating, that the accommodation afforded by Mr. Croydon [of the White Hart], reflected great credit, as the dinner and wines were very good, and the attendance highly satisfactory.”



ESSEX HERALD – Tuesday 24 August 1869. “COLNE REGATTA AND SPORTS. The now annual Colne Regatta took place on Wednesday last off Mersea Stone. There was a large concourse of people present… Match for first-class fishing vessels of from 30 to 50 tons, O.M. belonging to any port… The course was a long and circuitous one not easily explained on paper, and the vessels went twice round. The start was at 11.46, and the first round was thus completed:- Blue Bell, 31 tons, John Spitty, Rowhedge, 3h.36m.4s.; Affiance, 33 tons, James Major, Brightlingsea, 3h.40m.15s.; Welcome, 36 tons, John Goddard, Brightlingsea, 3h.40m.15s.; Volunteer, 37 tons, A.A. Watts, Harwich, 3h.41m.58s.; Pride, 36 tons, John Girling, Brightlingsea, 3h.42m.32s.

The Energy (31 tons, Geo. Steward, Brightlingsea) was not timed. With a decreasing wind the vessels were very late in coming in, which they did in this order.- 1. Blue Bell, £15., 7h.34m.22s.; Volunteer, £7.10., 8h.3m.24s.; Affiance, £3.15., 8h. 10m.38s.

A four-oared smack’s race was won by the Vestal, Mr. Lewes, of Brightlingsea; the second being the Thomas and Mary, Thos. Barnard, of Rowhedge; and the third the Choice, E. Eagle, of Brightlingsea.

The Thomas and Mary won the two-oared boat race, the Elizabeth being 2nd, the Fame 3rd.”

ESSEX STANDARD - Saturday 14 August 1880 - BRIGHTLINGSEA REGATTA - “On Thursday last, for the first time in several years, a Regatta was held at Brightlingsea, and so thoroughly successful did it prove in every way, that there is very little doubt an effort will be put forth to make it an annual event....the weather on Thursday was everything that could be desired – a glorious summer day, with a good whole-sail breeze....The Regatta took place off St. Osyth Stone, and on the beach and marshes – where most of the people assembled – were refreshment marquees, various kinds of exhibitions, steam circuses, rifle galleries, and the usual concomitants of a fair or gala; whilst the river was studded with craft of various kinds, many of them displaying bunting in honour of the occasion....A second smack race, under 15 tons fishery register – open to the coast – brought three competitors, viz., Hildegarde, 11 tons, Mr. J. Simons; Neva, 9 tons, Mr. L.S. Cranfield; A.W. Howard, 19 tons, Mr. J. H. Cranfield (sic). The last named gave up early in the race, which was terminated thus; Neva, winner of the first prize (£7), 3h. 32m; Hildegarde, winner of the second prize (£3.10s), 4h. 2m. 30s.”

[J.H. Cranfield should be G.H. Cranfield – George Henry]

ESSEX STANDARD - Saturday 11 September 1880 - “EAST DONYLAND REGATTA – This Regatta was held in the river Colne at East Donyland on Thursday last under very auspicious circumstances. The weather on the occasion, though dull, proved favourable for aquatic and land sports, and a large number of persons, principally from Colchester, travelled by road and rail to the spot for the purpose of witnessing the proceedings.

The regatta was under the patronage of Mr. James Round, M.P., Col. Learmonth, Mr. F.H. Jeune, Mr. Thos. Moy, Rev. H.E. Lufkin, Mr. S.T. Daniell, Mr. C. Nicholl, and Major Tyssen Holroyd, and suitable arrangements for the carrying out of the programme were made by an efficient Committee, of which Mr. W. Nunn was Secretary and Mr. George Pryer Treasurer; while Mr. P. Harris undertook the duties of Commodore and Judge, and the Vice-Commodore and Referee was Mr. E. Harris.

Committee - Mr. A. Went, Mr. Miller, Mr. H. Havens, Mr. B. Walford, Mr. R. Daniell, Mr. Carrington, Mr. R. Pearson, Mr. T. Pitt, Mr. R. Havens, Mr. Bartlett, Capt. L. Cranfield, Capt. T. Matthewman, Capt. J. Potter, Capt. Springett, Capt. J. Carter, Capt. T. Allen.

The following is the programme of the sports, which was carried out during the day, together with the results:-

Two-oared smack race:- 1st, 15s, Elizabeth, Thomas Cheek; 2nd, 7s 6d, Adam Howard, G. Cranfield.

Sculling match for boys under 16:- 1st, 7s 6d, Thos. Simonds; 2nd, 4s, T. Cheek; 3rd, 3s, G. Cranfield, junior.

Four-oared race for smacks’ boats.– 1st, 30s. Faith’s boat, Thomas Cheek; 2nd, 15s., W. Cheek.

Race for single-handed yachts’ dingheys.- 1st. 15s., J. Glozier; 2nd, 10s., G. Glozier; 3rd, 5s., W. Walford.

Single-handed Race for Boatmen over 60 years of age – 1st, 10s., G. Cranfield, sen.; 2nd, 5s., G. Cranmer; 3rd, 3s., (blank) Simons, Wyvenhoe; 4th, 2s. 6., W. Cranfield.”

Race for yachts’ gigs.- 1st, £2, Gertrude’s boat, Captain T. Harlow; 2nd, £1, Mizpah’s boat, W. Nunn. This was a well contested race, being a very close finish.

Galley match.- 1st, £3, Excelsior, Clacton. The other competitor was the Colne Boat Club’s boat, but though the crew pulled hard, they were unable to secure the place.

Ladies’ single-handed boat race.- 1st, 10s., Miss Brown, Wyvenhoe; 2nd, 5s., Miss Oakley.

Race for girls under 16.- 1st, 10s., Miss James; 2nd, 5s., Miss Randel. The 3rd prize was not awarded as only two boats started.

Tub race.- 1st, 10s., James; 2nd, 5s., Aldridge; 3rd, 2s. 6d., Wade.

Swimming match for boys under 18.- 1st. 10s., Jabez Scarff; 2nd, 5s., Crickmar.

In addition to the above there was also a Duck Hunt, in which 12 ducks were distributed to the successful competitors, while there was also a variety of Land Sports, Walking the Greasy Pole, &c., which caused much amusement.

By kind permission of Captain Howard and the Officers, the band of the 2nd Battalion of the Essex Rifle Volunteers, under the direction of Mr. D. Damant, bandmaster, was in attendance, and contributed largely to the enjoyment of the day; and in the evening the proceedings were brought to a close by a capital display of fireworks by Messrs. Aggio, of Colchester.”

ESSEX STANDARD – Saturday 2 October 1880. “COLNE YACHT CLUB REGATTA. On Monday last the annual regatta held by the Flag and other Officers of the Colne Yacht Club came off at Wyvenhoe, and proved most successful… The next competition was, undoubtedly, the best of the day, being a galley match for five beakers, value £3..5, for four-oared in-rigged galleys. The match excited considerable interest, owing to the fact that the two boats entered were the C.C.B. boat and the Excelsior, the latter being manned by the Brothers Havens (4), of East Donyland. The course was up the Colne Yacht Club course, and the boats were to start from the s.s. yacht Shamrock up the river, and the finish at the Committee boat. A good start was effected, but as soon as the boats got well away, Excelsior took the lead and kept it the whole way, shooting the buoys opposite the Committee boat in splendid form about eight lengths ahead.”

ESSEX STANDARD – Saturday 3 September 1881. “WYVENHOE REGATTA. On Thursday afternoon the annual regatta of the Colne Yacht Club, conducted by the Flag and other Officers, was held in the river, at Wyvenhoe, under the most favourable circumstanced….

Galley Match (open to all England) for the Commodore’s prize – a piece of plate value £5. 5.- for four-oared in-rigged galleys not exceeding 30 feet in length, clinker built; Colne Yacht Club course, straight. The competitors were the C.B.C. – J. Green, bow; second, Dick Ham; third, Jas. Heath; stroke, J. Barr; cox, J.E. Wilkins. Excelsior; crew – bow, Rawdon Havens; second, Hugh Havens; third, Harry Havens; stroke, Edward Havens; cox, - Simonds. A very fair start was made, but the C.B.C., who rowed in their old boat, went ahead from the first, and, maintaining the lead throughout, finished at 12 or 14 lengths in front of the Excelsior. The winners rowed past the buoy in good form, but the other crew came in rather hurried.”

ESSEX STANDARD - Saturday 17 September 1881 - BRIGHTLINGSEA REGATTA – “This Regatta was held on Thursday last....The Regatta was in every way a great success. The weather was brilliantly fine, and an immense number of visitors were attracted to the place.....Altogether there must have been four or five thousand people present, and Brightlingsea was all bustle and excitement, while the Colne, studded with craft of all kind – from the fine yacht to the small dingey and punt – mostly displaying a profusion of bunting, presented a picturesque and pleasing scene....The first event on the programme was a race for Smacks (open to the coast) of 20 tons fishing register and upward...

The next event was a race for Smacks under 25 tons fishing register, belonging to Brightlingsea; time as in first race. 1st prize, £7; 2nd, £3. 10s; 3rd, £1. 10s. The following vessels started:- Neva, Captain Cranfield, 9 tons; Fancy, Mrs. Gardner; Faith, Mr. Cheek. A start was effected at 11 o’clock, and the Neva was the first to get away. The course was 16 miles in extent, being round the Bar Buoy to a mark off Bradwell, and thence to a mark off Bracelett Creek, back to the Committee Boat. The following was the order of the return:- Neva, 1st prize, 2h. 54m. 30s; Fancy, 2nd prize, 3h. 40m. 15s. The Faith gave up shortly after starting.”

There does not seem to have been a Wivenhoe/East Donyland regatta in 1881.... nothing was mentioned in the local newspapers.

ESSEX STANDARD – Saturday 23 September 1882 - “ANNUAL REGATTA AND WATER SPORTS AT BRIGHTLINGSEA – This popular aquatic event came off on Tuesday last...Unfortunately, however, the weather proved most unpropitious, raining the greater part of the day, and although the programme was carried out, and there was some good racing, the attendance was comparatively small....the day was a dull, gloomy, uncomfortable one. The sailing matches were started by a portion of the Committee stationed on the Guard Boat off Mersea Stone Point, in the vicinity of which an accident occurred during the morning, which very nearly proved fatal to Mr. Cranfield, of Brightlingsea, the Captain of the yacht Miranda. It appears that Mr. Cranfield, who had been sailing the smack Neva, got into a small canvas boat, with the intention of boarding the Guard vessel. He had hardly seated himself when his frail craft capsized, and he was precipitated into the water. Mr. Cranfield managed to catch hold of the side of the over-turned boat, and the smack Lively, passing directly afterwards, with much difficulty rescued him from his perilous situation in an almost insensible condition.... Race for Smacks under 20 tons fishery register. First prize, £6; second, £3; third, £1. 10s. Course from guard vessel out to the bar buoy, up the Blackwater to a mark off Bradwell, then round Bracelet Spit and back to starting point. The smacks that started were; Neva, 9 tons, Cranfield; Lily, 11 tons, Cranfield; Eudora, 11 tons, James Mason. A good start was made at 11.20, and after a capital race the boats came in in the following order:- Neva, Lily, Eudora. No times were taken. The Lily entered a protest against the Neva for going the wrong side of Bench Head Buoy, and the Neva entered a protest against the Lily for not carrying a small boat.”


ESSEX STANDARD - Saturday 7 October 1882 – “EAST DONYLAND REGATTA – This regatta was held on Monday last under the patronage of the following gentlemen:- The Rev. H.E. Lufkin, Lord Alfred Paget, s.s. “Santa Cecilia;” Mr. J. Round, M.P.; Mr. E. Round, yacht “Elaine;” Mr. G.C. Lampson, yacht “Miranda;” Lieut. George Paget, s.s. “Dida;” the Mayor of Colchester (Mr. J.B. Harvey), Mr. R. Stewart, yacht “Moina;” Mr. A. Thomson, yacht “Terpsichore;” Mr. C. Nicholl, yacht “Dione;” Mr. S.T. Daniell, and Major Tyssen Holroyd.

A most liberal programme had been issued by the Committee, which was thus constituted:- Commodore and Judge, Mr. P.T. Harris; Hon. Sec., Mr. H. Burton’ Treasurer, Mr. G.N. Scrutton, Mr. A.S. Went, Mr. H. Havens, Mr. R. Pearson, Captain L. Cranfield, Capt. T. Matthewman, Capt. W.F. Randall,  Capt. J. Carter, Capt. W.H. Carter, Capt. T. Ennew, Capt. G. Glozier, Capt. H. Tye, and Capt. T. Allen. All these exerted themselves to bring about a successful Regatta, and they are to be congratulated upon the result. The arrangements were in every way admirable, capital sport was provided, and, the weather being gloriously fine, large numbers of visitors were attracted to the place from the surrounding villages and from Colchester. There was hardly wind enough for the sailing match, but, to the sightseers at any rate, this was no drawback, for, as will be seen below, the match was rendered most interesting; while one and all of the rowing matches were keenly contested, and afforded such a splendid display of rowing qualities as is seldom witnessed except in the Colne. There were a good number of yachts in the river, and these and the other craft were gaily decked with bunting; while on shore the streets were profusely decorated with flags, giving quite a gala appearance to the little fishing village. Several of the patrons were present during the afternoon, including Lord Alfred Paget, who watched most of the matches with evident interest, and who subsequently, as he proceeded down the river in his magnificent steam yacht, was loudly cheered, a compliment which his lordship, who is very popular in the Colne, acknowledged by raising his cap. A good band was stationed on the Quay and enhanced the enjoyment of the visitors, and various amusements were also provided. Everything passed off without accident, with the exception of the upsetting of a boat close in shore, the occupants of which were, however, speedily rescued without having sustained any harm. Altogether  the Regatta was a great success, and, doubtless, it will now become an annual institution.

Appended are the details:-

Sailing match for boats under 30 feet in length, decked or open. No time allowance. First prize, £3; second, £1. The following competed:- Edith, Mr. Christie, Wyvenhoe; Jumbo, Mr. E. Harris, Rowhedge; Lapwing, Mr. J. Barnard, Rowhedge; Anglesea, Mr. Ling, Wyvenhoe. The course was from Bight Point, just below Wyvenhoe, up the river past Rowhedge and round a buoy moored near Wyvenhoe Wood; twice round, finishing at the Committee boat; distance about four miles. Although, perhaps, there was too little wind for a sailing match, this was a most interesting race; more particularly as after rounding the buoy off Wyvenhoe Wood for the first time all four boats were pretty well together, and were tacking about I front of the large assemblage of spectators for some time, unable to make headway against the wind and the strong current that was running. Each craft was wonderfully well handled, and when at length the Anglesea, having made a tack and caught and caught a favourable breeze, did pass the Committee boat proceeding on her course, she was loudly cheered. The Edith soon followed, Jumbo being third, and Lapwing, who had collided with a yacht (the May) lying alongside the river, and brought down a part of the rigging and the bunting which the latter was displaying, last. On the competitors nearing the Committee boat on their return up the river, it was seen that the Jumbo had overhauled the Anglesea and that Edith was pressing the latter very hard for second place. Amidst considerable excitement, Jumbo came in first 40 seconds ahead of the Anglesea and Edith. For second place, it was quite a neck-and-neck affair; but the decision was in favour of the Anglesea by a “nose.” Although there was no time allowance in respect of difference of tonnage, the Committee stated that it had been understood there should be time allowance in regard of the start, which was a flying one across an imaginary line; and under this condition they decided that the Edith had saved her time, and was entitled to the first prize, Jumbo taking the second. This was, however, protested against by the owner of the Anglesea, who contended that there was no such understanding in regard to time allowance, and that the boats won as they came in. The Committee intimated that they would consider the protest in the evening; and in the result the first prize was awarded to Jumbo, and the second to the Anglesea.

Two-oared smacks’ boats.- First prize, 15s., O. Cook, Rowhedge; second, 7s. 6d., H. Barr, Wyvenhoe; Other entries: G. Austin and W. Styles, Rowhedge.

Sculling match for smacks’ boats (men).- 10s., H. Dowman, Rowhedge; 5s., H. Barr, Wyvenhoe; 2s. 6d., O. Ponder, Rowhedge. Other entry: W. Styles.

Single-handed match for yachts’ dingheys.- First prize, a clock presented by Mr. Marriott, Colchester; second, 5s. Winners: J. Mills, Wyvenhoe, 1st; H. Dowman, Rowhedge, 2nd; J. Green, Wyvenhoe, 3rd. Other entries: Richard Nash, Wyvenhoe; H. Cranmer, Rowhedge; and T. Mason, Wyvenhoe. Very good race and almost a dead heat between second and third.

Four-oared Smacks’ Boats:- £1. 10. Faith, Capt. Cheek, Rowhedge; 15s. Jemina, Capt. Allen, Rowhedge; third, Neva, Capt. L. Cranfield, Rowhedge.”

Sculling Match for Yachts’ Dingeys (boys under 16) – Seven entries; Wm. Cheek, L. Cranfield, Philip James, J. Cheek, J. Wisbey, C. Dyer, G. Glozier. Only three started, however....Glozier 1st, Dyer 2nd, and Wm. Cheek 3rd.

Ladies’ race, for two-oared boats.- First prize a pair of electro-plated cruets, presented by Messrs. H. and J. Joslin, Colchester; second, two pairs of slippers, presented by Mr. Warren, Colchester, and 5s. Three boats started, and it was a most interesting race, all the young ladies showing themselves to be skilful rowers. Miss L. Randall and Miss M. James won the first prize; the Misses Glozier (two little girls who got a bad start, but pulled splendidly) were much cheered on coming in second; and Miss M.A. James and Miss S. Hewes were third.

Four-oared yacht’s gig race.- “Miranda” prize £2. 10; second prize, £1.10. Competitors: Amazon, Lord Louth; Torfrida, Major Duff; Rosabelle, Mr. Pym; Alice, Mrs. Puxley, Rowhedge. Great interest was manifested in this race, which was one of the best events of the day. All the boats were manned with fine powerful men, and skilful oarsmen, and all got away well together. Unfortunately, after a few strokes the No.4 oar of the Torfrida broke his oar, but he quickly replaced it by another, and then had a second misfortune in “catching a crab.” This caused the boat to lose a little time, but nothing daunted, the crew pulled away and soon settled down to steady good work. The Amazon was now leading – and certainly she was rowed in splendid style – but the other boats kept close in attendance, and they passed the Committee the first time in the following order:- Amazon, Rosabelle, Torfrida, Alice. This order was maintained throughout the remainder of the distance, the race home being most exciting. The Alice came in some distance behind the other boats.

Another yacht’s gig race.- There was another yacht’s gig race, the winner in the last (the Amazon), being excluded, and the prizes being £2.10, £1.10, and 10s. The Torfrida (manned by the crew of the Amazon) the Rosabelle and the Alice competed, and the Torfrida won by 47 seconds; Rosabelle being second, and Alice third.

A race for in-rigged galleys, not exceeding 30 feet in length (open to all England), for a prize of £5, did not fill, only one galley – the C.B.C. from Wyvenhoe, - putting in an appearance, and the match therefore fell through.

Single-handed dinghey race for men over 60 years old. 10s., Ephraim Fisher, Rowhedge; 5s., Ambrose Walford, Rowhedge; 3s., Wm. Cranfield, Rowhedge.

Extra race for two-oared yachts’ dingeys, not exceeding 16 feet.- First, Phiz; 2nd, Queen; 3rd, Dryad; 4th, Lynette.

Single-handed race for amateurs of East Donyland.- 15s., R. Pearson; 7s. 6d., G. Glozier; 5s., J. Miller. Other entries: A. Boreham and J. James. All the boats but the winning one lost time in having at the mark buoy to round a large steamer, the Gem, of Colchester, which was making her way down the river.

Single-handed race for ladies of East Donyland.- First prize, a silver teapot presented by Mrs. Puxley, Rowhedge, Miss James; 7s. 6d., Miss Hewes; 5s., Miss Randall.

The programme also included a tub race for boys under 16, and a duck hunt, which afforded much amusement to the spectators. There were also some sports on shore, including a tug of war, won by Bomb. Pitt’s team, Royal Artillery, their opponents being a team from Messrs. Daniell & Co.’s Brewery, East Donyland; climbing a greasy pole, &c., and at dusk a display of fireworks by Messrs. Aggio and Son, of Colchester.”

ESSEX STANDARD – Saturday 3 October 1885 - EAST DONYLAND REGATTA – “The annual Regatta at East Donyland took place on Thursday, under distinguished patronage. Mr. Edmund Round was a popular Commodore, and there was a capital Committee of yacht Captains and others, comprising Mr. W.C. Nunn (Vice-Chairman), Mr. H. Burton (an energetic and successful Secretary), Mr. G.N. Scrutton (Treasurer), Captains G., T., and H.B. Barnard, J. Brown, J., L., W., and G. Cranfield, J. Carter, C. and G. Cranmer, B. Dyer, T. Ennew, sen., and jun., B. Harris, T. Matthewman, W.D. Potter, and J. Scarf, and Messrs. H.R. Bartlett, R.H. Bucknall, Fairweather, Houston, R.T. Daniell, R. Pearson, W.F. Randall, A.S. Went.

The arrangements made for the Regatta were admirable; the Committee were enabled to give a thoroughly good programme. There was a very large attendance, although, perhaps, there were not quite so many people as on one or two former occasions. The Colchester Town Band, under the direction of Mr. A.H. Coveney, played a capital selection of music. Mr. Jas. Round. M.P., visited the Committee boat, during the afternoon, and had a most cordial reception, whilst on his leaving he was heartily cheered. Subjoined is a list of the events;

RACE FOR FISHING SMACKS (open) – This race, in which there was no time allowance, was started from H.M. Guardship at 9.40 am. and finished about high water at East Donyland, three prizes being offered, viz, £8, £5 and £3. Four smacks competed, viz, Neva, L. Cranfield; Elise, Southgate; Xanthe, W. Cranfield; Hildegarde, J. Simons. There was plenty of wind, and a capital race was the result. The Neva maintained her reputation for fastness, and won the first prize. It seems as if nothing can beat her. The boats were timed thus:- Neva, 1st prize, 3h. 30m; Elise, 2nd prize, 3hr. 40m. 30s; Xanthe, 3rd prize, 3hr. 40m; Hildegarde, 3hr. 54m.

Single-handed match for Yachts’ dingheys – 15s. Ulidia (J. Mills); 10s, Vixen (W. Simons).

In the evening there was a capital display of fireworks by Messrs. Aggio and Son, of Colchester.”

THE ESSEX STANDARD - Saturday 5 October 1889 - “BRIGHTLINGSEA REGATTA – SUCCESSFUL DAY – This regatta took place very successfully on Monday….. RACE FOR SMACKS,  20 tons and under b.m., open to the Coast.

First prize £7, Second prize £5, Third prize £3, Fourth prize £2. Time allowance, a quarter of a minute per ton. The course was from the Valfreyia round the Colne Fishery Buoy, then round a mark off Bracelet Spit, leaving everything on the starboard hand. Four times round, finishing between the Valfreyia and the Committee Barge. About 24 miles in all. The following boats started:-

Neva (Rowhedge) L. Cranfield, 19 tons; Bertha (Tollesbury) W. Redgwell, 18 tons; Elsie (sic) (Wyvenhoe) J. Green, 18 tons; Maria (Wyvenhoe) J. Gunn, 18 tons; Irex (Brightlingsea) J. James, 18 tons; Snowdrop (Mersea) G. French, 12 tons ; Clara (Rowhedge) W. Cranfield, 18 tons.

The Neva got the best start at 11.30, followed closely by the Elsie; whilst the Clara spoilt her start by getting too soon over the line, and in consequence of that she lost fully two minutes. In the first round the following was the order of the boats.

Bertha 1hr. 45m. 40s, Irex 1hr. 47m. 30s, Snowdrop 1hr. 48m. 0s, Maria 1hr. 49m. 0s, Neva 1hr. 50m. 30s, Elsie 1hr. 51m. 0s

Second Round; Bertha 1hr. 55m. 0s. The other times were not taken

Final Round; 1st Bertha 5hr. 4m. 10s, 2nd Irex 5hr. 11m. 3s, 3rd Clara 5hr. 12m. 43s, 4th Snowdrop 5hr. 15m. 45s.

Seeing her position was hopeless, the Neva gave up when near the end of the race. It is somewhat remarkable that the Bertha – the winning boat – took fire about a year ago, and was burnt to the water’s edge. The remains were towed ashore, and the splendid craft which made such capital sailing on Monday was built upon her foundations.”

ALSO - COLCHESTER & WYVENHOE REGATTA – “This event came off on Tuesday last….The river during the day swarmed with boats, each of which were more or less festooned for the occasion, and the scene at times was most picturesque…

SMACKS’ RACE – In this race there were six competitors for four prizes of £8, £6, £4 and £2 respectively. The conditions of the race were that the boats should be bona fide fishing smacks, in commission, not exceeding 20 tons, B.M. The race to be sailed in fishing trim, and no ballast whatever allowed. A trawl of not less than 20ft beam to be carried on deck, whilst the crew (including captain) not to exceed three. Course: Starting between the steam yacht Valfreyia (off Brightlingsea) and Mersea Stone, leaving the Bar Buoy on the port hand, and the Priory Spritway (sic) Buoy on the starboard, the Knowl (sic) Buoy on the port hand, the Bench-head Buoy on the starboard, round the Valfreyia and Fishery Buoy, leaving both on the port hand, and up to the Committee Boat at Wyvenhoe, a distance of about 24 miles.

The following started, and on rounding the Bar Buoy were timed:-

Neva 19 tons, L. Cranfield 1hr. 33m. 40s; Clara 18 tons W. Cranfield 1hr. 34m. 10s; Maria 18 tons J. Gunn 1hr. 34m. 14s; Elise 18 tons Jas. Green 1hr. 34m. 25s; Bertha 18 tons W. Ridgwell 1hr. 34m. 34s; Irex 18 tons W. James 1hr. 34m. 52s.

The Neva was leading at the Priory Spitway, Clara being a good second, Maria third, and Elise fourth, followed by Bertha and Irex. At the Spitway Buoy the same order was maintained, but at the Bench-head Buoy Bertha passed Elise. On coming to windward, the Clara and the Bertha passed the Neva, and in rounding the Valfreyia the Neva fouled the Mark Buoy, and coming up the Clara and Bertha ran out side by side to the Colne Fishery Buoy, which they rounded both together, but in beating up Clara took first place, the following being the order of the boats at the finish:-

1st Clara 2hr. 52m. 35s, 2nd Bertha 2hr. 57m. 31s, 3rd Maria 3hr. 0m. 20s, 4th Elise 3hr. 14m. 21s.”


THE ESSEX STANDARD - Saturday 27 September 1890 - “BRIGHTLINGSEA REGATTA - With a strong sou’wester blowing, this attractive aquatic fixture was brought off most successfully on Monday. The estuary of the Colne was crowded with craft of all sorts and sizes, and as each appeared to vie with one another in the competition for the best decked out boat, the scene was one not to be forgotten. The creek was filled with yachts, and amongst those lying at anchor were the Valfreyia (tonnage 750), owner, Mr. Bayard Brown; the Semiramis (704 tons), owned by Mr. Lysaght; Lorna (80 tons), Mr. S. Morley; Creole (40), Colonel Bagot; Beatrix (120), Mr. Coxhead; Cornubia (70), Mr. George Plater; Decima (10); Excelsior; Rose Neath (200); Thalatta (106), Mr. F.C. Capel; Gertrude (80), Mr. T. Hall; Falcon (40); Mary (27); Otterhound (60); Vol-au-Vent (102); Latois (20); Samphire (40); Watersprite; Seaweed (20); Wild Wave; Foxhound; Sorcerer (30); Peri; Brilliant (20); Rowena (60); Ildergonda (15); Day; Fleur de Lys; Amelia; Zolande; Neptune; Triton; and Dianthus.

Hundreds of spectators, many of them Colchester excursionists, witnessed the sports from the Hard; whilst the band of the 2nd Volunteer Battalion Essex Regiment discoursed a capital selection of music.

The sailing contests were started from the deck of the smack Aid, and stationed near the Valfreyia.

RACE FOR SMACKS (20 tons and under), open to the coast - First prize £7, second £5, third £3, fourth £2; only four sails allowed, namely, mainsail, foresail, jib, and topsail. No booming out or lead ballast allowed. Five to start or no race. Time allowance a quarter of a minute per ton. Course; Start from a line between the Valfreyia and the Committee boat, down round the Bar buoy, thence round the Priory Spit and the Gas Buoy on the Knowle, round Outer Reach Head, up Colne, round the Bracelet Spit Buoy, and out again, twice round, a total distance of about 20 miles. The following smacks entered:-

Bertha, owner W. Ridgwell, 18 tons; Kingfisher, A. Ridgwell, 18; Magnolia, R. Kerridge, 18; Clara, W. Cranfield, 18; Neva, L. Cranfield, 19; Irex, J. James, 18; Ethel, F. Hasted, 16.

Ethel retired, there being too much wind. The start took place at 11.30. The Magnolia and Neva went over the line before gunfire, and had to return and make a fresh start, thus causing them a delay of two minutes. Of the other four vessels, the Clara was first away, followed closely by the Irex, Bertha, and Kingfisher. The Magnolia gave up after the first round, and a splendid race resulted as follows:- 1. Bertha, 4h.11m.22s; 2. Clara, 4h.14m.0s; 3. Neva, 4h.13m.52s; 4. Irex, 4h.30m.0s. The Clara took the second prize on time allowance.”


THE ESSEX STANDARD – Saturday 11 October 1890 - “WYVENHOE REGATTA – A SUCCESSFUL DAY – The Wyvenhoe Regatta, which has become very popular as an annual aquatic fixture, came off on Monday. The weather was very favourable in the morning, but assumed a very threatening appearance in the afternoon, but, happily, no rain fell, and owing to this and to the wind being in a capital quarter, the Regatta proved one of the most successful yet held. The Great Eastern Railway Company arranged for special trains from Colchester, which were well patronised by pleasure seekers. The banks of the Colne presented an animated appearance. On the Rowhedge side a large number of pleasure yachts had been very elaborately decorated with flags and bunting, and the enormous crowd of spectators combined to make the affair a scene of unwonted animation. The Colchester Town Band, conducted by Bandmaster A.H. Coveney, played several selections on the quay during the afternoon. A favourable breeze for sailing blew from the W.S.W., and some of the competitions were exceedingly smart, and excited great interest. The races were started from the Committee boat Mystic (owned by James Heath), which was moored opposite the quay on the Rowhedge side of the river.”

SMACK RACE: 1st prize, £8; 2nd, £5; 3rd, £3. Time allowance, one minute per ton. Three to start or no race. Four to start or no third prize. Entrance fee, 4s. Competing boats to be bona fide fishing

smacks, &c. The competitors failed to reach the starting point while there was sufficient water, and in consequence the race did not come off. The following entered:- NEVA (L. Cranfield), 19tons; CLARA (W. Cranfield), 18; HILDEGARDE (Jas. Simons), 18. A capital display of fireworks by Mr. Aggio, of Colchester, brought a most enjoyable day to a close.”

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 15 October 1892 - WYVENHOE & ROWHEDGE REGATTA – “Unlike their neighbours at Brightlingsea, the inhabitants of Wyvenhoe and Rowhedge were fortunate in being favoured with real regatta weather on the event of their annual aquatic sports which came off on Tuesday, and the result was an unqualified success.

Handicap Match for Smacks (Shrimpers and Trawlers in commission). Race to be sailed in fishing trim, no borrowed sails, no booming out, no extra hands allowed. Results – Lillie (sic) 2hrs. 54m. 48s; Hildegarde 3hrs. 12m. 16s; Ellen 3hrs. 20m. 18s. Lillie maintained the lead throughout, but the Hildegarde gradually made her way forward, and came in second.”

Single-oared Sculling Match (for boys under 16) – 1st, 7s 6d; 2nd, 5s; 3rd, 2s 6d. 1. A. Simons 2. G. Hillyard 3. C. Rayner.”

YACHTING WORLD – 27 September 1895 – “Yacht skippers are busy getting their smacks ready for the annual regatta, which is to be held this week, and there is as much interest taken in these races as if of international importance. This is the school of our great skippers of the east Coast.”

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 28 September 1895 - WYVENHOE & ROWHEDGE REGATTA – “This annual event – held alternately at Wyvenhoe and Rowhedge – came off at the former place on Wednesday, Sept. 25. The weather was almost tropical, and large numbers of people lined the banks of the river throughout the day. On shore a steam circus and companies of minstrels and acrobats, not to mention the vendor of apples and ice creams, did a roaring business, and the sweet strains of the Wyvenhoe Brass Band, under Mr. F.J. Lax, lent considerable attraction to the gathering. On the water the brave display of bunting made by the numerous pleasure craft was most noticeable, and as the day wore on the river presented a very pretty and animated spectacle.

Single-handed race for yachts’ dingeys – 1st prize, teapot and 5s – 1. R. Simons. 2. H. Turner. 3. R. Wadley.”

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD - Saturday 3 October 1896 - “ANNUAL REGATTA AT ROWHEDGE- A SUCCESSFUL DAY - The annual Wyvenhoe and Rowhedge regatta, held alternately at either place, came off with considerable success at Rowhedge on Tuesday, in fine but somewhat cold weather. The picturesque little township presented from the river a very attractive appearance, many of the houses being liberally bedecked with bunting, while close to the river a merry-go-round and attendant attractions were in full swing, and the large gathering on the banks presented a more than usually animated and ever-changing scene. Many of the river craft also flew bunting, and the Committee boat, the Sarah, lent by Capt. William Mason, of Wyvenhoe, moored on the Wyvenhoe side, was gay with strings of flags. During the regatta, the Wyvenhoe Town band, under Mr. F.J. Lax, performed a capital selection of music from an impromptu band-stand on the river bank and contributed materially to the enjoyment of the proceedings.

The programme of the regatta was a lengthy and varied one, and provided some good sport, while the various officials worked extremely hard to ensure the success of the regatta.

The first races for smacks and yachts were started during the morning from Mersea Stone, the officials and friends proceeding to Brightlingsea by the early train and partaking of a sumptuous breakfast at the invitation of the Commodore at the Royal Hotel before embarking on the steam launch Wyvern (owned by Mr. James Powell). The guests of the Commodore who accompanied the party……and the members of the Sailing Committee present included…..Captain W. Cranfield. The Wyvern proceeded to Mersea Stone after breakfast to start the big races, and followed them round the course, arriving at Rowhedge when the regatta was in full swing. Appended are details of the racing:-

RACE FOR SMACKS- 1st prize, £8; 2nd, £5; 3rd £3. Time allowance, half a minute per ton. Conditions; Competing boats to be bona fide fishing smacks in commission, not exceeding 25 tons. Race to be sailed in fishing trim, with number painted on mainsail. No lead ballast whatever allowed. No ballast above hold ceiling. No booming out or square sails allowed. A trawl of not less than 20ft beam to be carried on deck. There were four entries, viz. Neva (L. Cranfield), Clara (W. Cranfield), Hildegard (W. Simons), and Ellen (Z. Birch). The course was from Mersea Stone between a line drawn from flag-staff on shore, round the bar Buoy, leaving it on the port hand, round Priory Spit Buoy and Wallet Buoy, to North-West Knoll, in round the Valfreyia, and out round the Bench-head Buoy, finishing at Rowhedge. All marks to be left on starboard hand.

Neva crossed the line first at 10.30, in a light SW wind, and there was nearly a dead heat out of the bar Buoy, which was rounded as under:- Neva 11h 44m 40s, Clara 11h 47m 30s, Ellen 11h 54m 35s, Hildegard not timed.

It was a close reach to the Spitway, which was passed in the same order, the times here being:- Neva 12h 31m 10s, Clara 12h 33m 0s, Ellen 12h 46m 0s.

At the end of the first round, passing the Valfreyia, the Neva had increased her lead, the times being:- Neva 2h 21m 10s, Clara 2h 24m 6s.

The finish was as follows:- Neva 3h 34m 10s, Clara 3h 37m 42s, Ellen 4h 5m 57s, Hildegard 4h 14m 23s.”

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 2 October 1897 - “WYVENHOE AND ROWHEDGE REGATTA – YACHTS AND SMACKS BECALMED – The annual regatta for Wyvenhoe and Rowhedge which is held in alternate years at each place, came off on Thursday at Wyvenhoe in fine but dull weather, and proved, as usual, most successful. Large crowds of people lined the banks, and the weather was smooth as a mill pond, the absence of wind, however, proving a great disadvantage to the smacks and yachts.

Rowing match for pair-oared dingheys – 1st prize 15s; 1.R. Simons (Crusoe) 2.Butler (Irex) 3.Turner (Sylvia).

Single-handed race for yachts’ dingheys – 1st prize copper kettle; 1.R. Simons (Tingler) 2.Turner (Sylvia).

Rowing match for pair-oared smacks’ boats – 1st prize 15s, 2nd prize 10s; 1.Gridley (Druid) 2.Simons (Dob).”

Single-handed rowing match for landsmen of Wyvenhoe and Rowhedge – 1.A. Simons (Alexandra) 2.J. Husk (Swallow)”



Wivenhoe & Rowhedge Regatta 1899 - Photos
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Wivenhoe Regatta
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EAST ANGLIAN DAILY TIMES – Tuesday 2 October 1900. “ROWHEDGE AND WIVENHOE REGATTA. The annual regatta of the two busy little yacht-building towns of Rowhedge and Wivenhoe was held on Monday, at the former place. The day was pleasantly fine, and the regatta proved a great success. The entries were well up to the average, and some very close finishes were witnessed. A large number of people from Colchester and the neighbouring villages were present, and there were crowds on both sides of the river Colne. The arrangements were carried out by a strong Committee to which Mr. T.W. Goodwin acted as hon. Secretary. Mr. W. Johnson was commodore, Mr. A.K. Barlow vice, and Mr. J.B. Hawkins, rear. The smack and yacht races were held earlier in the day than the rowing matches. The course for the smack race was as follows:- Start at Mersea Stone, round Bar, Priory, Spitway, North Buxey, and Noel (sic, Knowle) Gas buoys, to Rowhedge, a distance of 25 miles. The yachts’ course was:- Start Mersea Stone, round Bar, Priory, Noel Gas buoys, and South-West Ben Shead Buoys, Yacht Valfreyia, Colne Fishery Buoy, to Rowhedge.

The following are the results of the races:-

Open race for bona-fide fishing smacks.- 1. Neva (Mr. L. Cranfield). 2. Wonder (Mr. J. Carter). There was about four minutes’ difference in the times of the arrival at Rowhedge.

Handicap match for yachts, not exceeding 21 tons. First prize Commodore’s cup.- 1. Ildegonda (Mr. E.S. Beard). 2. Chittabob (Mr. T. Miller). 3. King Coel (Mr. A.K. Barlow).

Match for yachts, not exceeding 18ft. linear.- 1. Anstay (Mr. Howard Adams). 2. Opal (Mr. G. Terrell).

Match for bona-fide yachts’ cutters.- 1. Frona (Mr. A. Allen). 2. Aziola (Mr. R. Cranfield). 3. Namara (Mr. H. Laws).

Match for sailing boats.- 1. Zeska (Mr. Blake). 2. Gem (Mr. Lay). 3. Philis (Mr. H. Spinks). 4. Annie (Mr. D. Hillyard.

Rowing match for pair-oared dingheys.- 1. A. Turner and R. Simons. 2. G. Sainty and W. Simons. 3. H. and A. Turner.

Single-handed race for yachts’ dingheys.- 1. W. Simons. 2. C. Sainty.

Rowing match for pair-oared dingheys (bona-fide yachtsmen).- 1. A. Turner and R. Simons (Baden-Powell). 2. C. Sainty and W. Simons (Edith).

Rowing match for yachts’ gigs.- 1. Euphrosyne. 2. Aziola. 3. Santa Cecilia.

Single-handed rowing race for landsmen.- 1. J.R. Simons. 2. H. Turner. 3. A. Simons.

Single-handed rowing match for ladies.- 1. Miss L. James. 2. Miss E. Durrell.

Rowing match for four-oared in-rigged galleys.- 1. Albion (cox R. Pearson). 2. Sylph (cox R. Cranfield). 3. Excelsior (cox A. Simons).

Pair-oared race for ladies.- 1. Misses L. James and E. Durrell. 2. Misses S. Cranfield and L. Styles.

Single-handed rowing match for men 60 and over.- 1. Z. Birch. 2. G. Cook.

Rowing match for four-oared in-rigged galleys.- 1. Excelsior. 2. Albion. 3. Sylph.

Rowing match for yachts’ gigs.- 1. Aziola (cox D. Springett). 2. Euphrosyne (cox H. Baron). 3. Santa Cecilia (cox A. Turner).

The swimming race was won by H. Cranfield (under 15), and E. Benton (over 15), while G. Wade won the Mater Tradesmen’s race.

The boys’ races were well contested.

“Pull Devil versus Pull Baker,” which concluded the regatta, caused great amusement.”

THE EVENING STAR – Friday 4 October 1901. “ROWHEDGE REGATTA. On Thursday afternoon whilst those yachtsmen of the Colne who form the Shamrock’s crew were striving, on the other side of the Atlantic, to “lift” the America Cup, their brothers and comrades round about Rowhedge and Wivenhoe were pitting their craft against one another in the long reaches of the Colne, and were exhibiting the same splendid seamanship that has earned for the English skipper Sycamore – whose home is at Brightlingsea, at the head of the Colne – the admiration of his American opponents. The men of the Shamrock are all drawn from the valley of the Colne, and those who witnessed the regatta on Thursday were possibly watching many of the crew of a future challenger – or defender – engaged in the aquatic exercises which eventually turn them out the finest yachtsmen in the world.

The regatta is quite an event in the district, and many hundreds of people from Colchester, Clacton, Walton, and Brightlingsea, took advantage of the half-holiday and the cheap tickets to run down to the twin towns on the Colne. The two quaint little towns, on opposite sides of the river, were gay with yacht bunting – streamers, pennants, and ensigns. The Wivenhoe Quay, opposite which the Committee Boat was moored, was alive with spectators, and gaily be-flagged craft of every description lined either side of the river. Electric launches started about in all directions, in effective contrast to the measured progress of the steam propelled launches. Higher up rose the tapering masts of the handsome pleasure yachts, moored close to the Wivenhoe side, whilst rounding the bight could be seen the white mainsail of the Neva, the winner of the first smack race, as she crept up the river towards the Committee boat.

The Commodore is Mr. W. Johnson, the Vice-Commodore being Mr. A.K. Barlow, and the Rear-Commodore, Mr. J.B. Hawkins, and these gentlemen were assisted in arranging the Regatta by an experienced Committee of yacht captains from Rowhedge and Wivenhoe, whilst the Secretary, Mr. T.W. Goodwin, and other officials worked hard to ensure the success of the meeting. The entries were quite up to the average, and all the competitions were well contested. The ladies’ rowing races, which are a feature of this regatta, were especially interesting, and the fair competitors looked very workmanlike in their jaunty little sailor hats and rolled up sleeves; they handled their craft with astonishing skill. The single-handed rowing match for men over 60 was another very interesting contest, and many of the Committee declared that men twenty years younger could not have pulled a better oar. As an indication of the keen interest which the yachtsmen of the Colne are taking the Cup contests, it may be mentioned that telegrams as to the progress of the race were received at frequent intervals on the Committee boat. The following are the details of the racing:-

Race for smacks; confined to Wivenhoe and Rowhedge; time allowance 1 minute per ton; start from Committee boat lying off Mersea Stone at 10 a.m.- 1. Neva, crossed the line at 4h.54m.30s.; 2. Xanthe, 5h.26m.30s.

Handicap match for yachts not exceeding 21 tons; start from Mersea Stone 10.30 a.m.- 1. Chittabob, 4h.35m.30s.; 2. Ildegonda, 5h.1m.30s.

Match for yachts not exceeding 18ft. linear rating.- 1. Theorette, 3h.15m.18s.; 2. A (unreadable), 3h.58m.30s.

Match for bona-fide yacht cutters; Time allowance ½ min. per boat, length overall.- 1. Normania, Mr. H.O. O’Hagan; 2. Glory, Mr. H. Chamberlain; 3. Bertha, Mr. J.H. Soames.

Match for sailing boats, half-decked or open, not exceeding 17ft. overall.- 1. Pirate, F. Hardy; 2. Columbine, O. Lay; 3. Annie, D. Hilliard.

Rowing match for pair-oared dingheys.- 1. H and A. Turner, 2. C. Gunn and H. Pullen. 3. R. Simons and Albert Turner.

Single-handed race for bona-fide yacht’s dingheys.- 1. R. Simons, 2. Albert Turner, 3. H. Pullen.

Rowing match for pair-oared yachts’ dingheys (two or one thwart), bona-fide yachtsmen.- 1. R. Simons and Albert Turner; 2. C. Gunn and H. Pullen; 3. H. and A. Turner.

Rowing match for yachts’ gigs.- 1. Phantom, (cox, Springett); 2. Normania, (cox, Albert Turner); 3. Rosabelle, (cox, E. Goodwin).

Single-handed rowing match for landsmen of Rowhedge and Wivenhoe.- 1. A. Simons; 2. Arthur Turner.

Single-handed rowing race for ladies.- 1. Miss Laura Birch, 2. Miss Nellie Birch, 3. Isabella Sainty.

Rowing match for four-oared, in-rigged galleys (open to all England), not exceeding 30ft. in length.- 1. Albion (cox, D. Cranfield), 2. Excelsior (cox, A. Simons, 3. Sylph (cox, H. Cranfield).

Pair-oared race for ladies.- 1. Misses Laura and Nellie Birch (cox, Miss Isabella Sainty).

Single-handed rowing match for men 60 years of age and upwards.- 1. Z. Birch, 2. Geo. Cook. This was a very close race.

Rowing match for 4-oared in-rigged galleys, confined to boats and crews belonging to the Colne.- 1. Albion, (cox, A. Simons), 2. Excelsior, (cox, D. Cranfield), 3. Sylph, (cox, H. Cranfield).

Rowing match for yachts’ gigs, for landsmen of Rowhedge and Wivenhoe.- 1. Rosabelle, (cox, H. Goodwin), 2. Normania, (cox, A. Turner).

Single-oared sculling match , for boys under 16.- 1. Percy Heath, 2. Frank Laws, 3. Harry Laws.

Single-handed rowing match, for master tradesmen of Rowhedge and Wivenhoe.- 1. A.B. Everett, 2. T. Powell, 3. H. Bird.

Swimming match for boys over 15 years, confined to Rowhedge and Wivenhoe.- 1. Harold Cranfield, 2. Wesley Porter, 3. Arthur Moulton.

Swimming match for boys over 15 years, confined to Rowhedge and Wivenhoe.- 1. Ernest Hatch, 2. Gerald Lay, 3. Geo. Heath.

Pair-oared rowing match for boys under 16.- 1. H. Goodwin and P. Heath, 2. F. and H. Laws, 3. H. Goodwin and H. Cranfield.

Pair-oared rowing match for boys under 14.- 1. S. Pudney and J. Carter; a walk over.

The last item on the programme was the familiar aquatic clowning known as “Pull Devil, Pull baker.” The gentleman impersonating the devil certainly filled the role with appropriate diablerie, but the honours of the contest lay with his opponent, the “baker.” During the afternoon and evening, the band of K. Company, 2nd V.R., Essex Regiment, under bandmaster Pullen, performed popular selections of music, by permission of Capt. J.R. Hawkins and the officers of the Company. The regatta concluded with a brilliant firework display by Mr. Paul Aggio, of Colchester.”


CHELMSFORD CHRONICLE – Friday 3 October 1902. “WIVENHOE. THE ANNUAL REGATTA for Wivenhoe and Rowhedge resulted in a record gathering. The arrangements were by the following:- Commodore, Mr. W. Johnson: Vice-Commodore, Mr. A.K. Barlow; Rear-Commodore Mr. J.B. Hawkins; treasurer, Mr. Jno. Worsp; hon. Secretary, Mr. T.W. Goodwin. The Coronation cup offered in the handicap for yachts not exceeding 21 tons was won by the Vanity (Mr. J.R. Payne), a fine yacht, the largest of its kind that has ever been seen at Rowhedge. Mr. Hawkins’s cup was won by Mr. Weigall’s Eda. The newly-built boat, Coronation, won the match for four-oared in-rigged galleys.”

ESSEX TELEGRAPH – Saturday 27 September 1902 - “REGATTA AT ROWHEDGE” –  “The prizes were distributed in the evening at the Albion Hotel, the special awards being given by (among others) Captain W.W. Cranfield.”


ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 25 October 1902 - “WYVENHOE – THE REGATTA ACCOUNTS – At a committee meeting held at the White Lion, Rowhedge, on Friday evening, October 17, for the purpose of receiving the balance sheet of the recent Wyvenhoe and Rowhedge Regatta, there were amongst those present, Captain Turner Ennew, Captain John Cranfield, Captain Richard Cranfield, Captain T. Jay, Captain J. Carter, Captain W.W. Cranfield, Captain S. Springett and M. R. Pearson….a balance in hand of £16. 2. 8.”

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 3 October 1903 - “WYVENHOE AND ROWHEDGE REGATTA – A SUCCESSFUL DAY’S SPORT – The Wyvenhoe and Rowhedge Regatta took place in very fine weather at Wyvenhoe, on Monday, and passed off most successfully…The town was gay with bunting, and the yachts and smacks lying in the river made a brilliant show of pennants and streamers. A nice sailing breeze was blowing…Subjoined are the details of the races:-

A race for smacks - Time allowance one minute per ton. Competing boats to be bona-fide fishing smacks in commission, not exceeding 30 tons B.M. Start to be made from Committee Boat lying off Mersea Stone, finishing at Wyvenhoe. Result:- Neva 3h 5m 33s, Xanthe 3h 12m 55s, Elsie 3h 14m 15s.

Rowing match for pair-oared dingheys; 1.C.W. Brasted and H. Wisbey 2. C. Gunn and R. Simons  3. H. Bow and T. Powell.

Single-handed race for bona-fide yachts’ dingheys; 1. R. Simons 2.C. Gunn.”

Full article will be added later.

CHELMSFORD CHRONICLE – Friday 16 September 1904. “WIVENHOE REGATTA. The annual regatta for Wivenhoe and Rowhedge – a fixture looked forward to with much pleasurable anticipation by Colcestrians – was held with great success on Thursday, the various arrangements being most efficiently carried out by a strong Committee, of which Mr. W. Johnson was the commodore, Mr. A.K. Barlow vice-commodore, and Mr. J.B. Hawkins rear-commodore, Mr. T.W. Goodwin hon. Secretary, and Mr. J. Worsp hon. Treasurer. The band of  K. Company, 2nd V.B.E.R., gave an excellent selection of music, and a fine display of fireworks by Mr. Paul Aggio was given in the evening, whilst among other attractions were roundabouts, swing boats, and aerial railways – which, of course, were “run” independently of the regatta. The weather was beautifully fine but there was little wind, and the sailing matches, therefore, did not break any record. The galley races were splendidly contested, and caused great excitement. Appended are the results:-

Race for fishing smacks.- Time allowance, one minute per ton.- 1st, Neva, 14 tons, L. Cranfield, time 4 hours 12 minutes 15 seconds; 2nd, Sunbeam, 18 tons, W.W. Cranfield, 4h. 20m. 30s.; 3rd, Xanthe, 17 tons, W. Cranfield, 4h. 40m. 0s.

Handicap match for yachts not exceeding 21 tons (Thames measurement).- 1st, Saionara the second, time 4h.30m.55s., W. Cummings, owner; 2nd, Squadron, 18 tons, H.A. Barlow, 5h.12m.

A match for bona-fide yachts’ cutters, of any length.- Time allowance, half-minute per foot, length over all.- 1st, Alexander, T. Springett; 2nd, Erycina, E. Ennew.

A match for sailing boats (half-decked or open), not exceeding 17 feet over all.- Time allowance, half-minute per foot.- 1st, Pastime, Sam Lilley; 2nd, White Wings, W. Cranmore.

Rowing match for pair-oared dingheys.- 1st, Spright, A.B. Turner and Bob Simons; 2nd, Zephyr, C. Gunn and A. Turner; 3rd, Merry Thought, C. Crosby and D. Wade.

Single-handed race for bona-fide yachts’ dingheys.- 1st, Venedis (sic), Bob Simons; 2nd, Zephyr, A.B. Turner; 3rd, Saionara, J. Cranfield.

Rowing match for yachts’ gigs belonging to bona-fide yachts.- 1st, Normania, A.B. Turner; 2nd, Erycina, J. Cheek; 3rd, Onyx, J. Wade.

Single-handed rowing match for ladies.- 1st, Miss Ruby Suckling; 2nd, Miss Emily Bow.

Rowing match for four-oared galleys not exceeding 40ft. in length (open to all England).- 1st, Stour Boat Club, Sudbury; 2nd, Coronation, Rowhedge.

Pair-oared race for ladies.- 1st, the Misses Emily Bow and Ruby Suckling.

Single-handed rowing match for men, 60 years of age and upwards.- 1st, Z. Birch.

Rowing match for four-oared galleys not exceeding 40ft. in length.- 1st Coronation, Rowhedge; 2nd, Stour Boat Club, Sudbury; 3rd, Albion, Rowhedge.

Rowing match for bona-fide yachts’ gigs (for landmen of Rowhedge and Wivenhoe).- 1st, Erycina, J. Cheek; 2nd, Onyx, J. Wade.

Single-oared sculling match for boys under 16.- 1st, Harry Hempstead; 2nd, Stanley Husk; 3rd, Berty Ellis.

Single-handed rowing match (for Master Tradesmen of Rowhedge and Wivenhoe).- 1st, H. Bow; 2nd, T. Powell.

Swimming match (Rowhedge and Wivenhoe; for boys under 17 years).- 1st, Sid Turner; 2nd, W. Kidby; 3rd, C. Pearman.

Pair-oared rowing match (for boys under 16 years).- 1st, Normania, Stanley Husk and B. Ellis; 2nd, Erycina, A. Carter and A. Cranfield.

Pair-oared rowing match (for school boys under 14).- 1st, A. Carter; 2nd, A. Cranfield.

Pull Devil v. Pull Baker.- 1st, bakers: E. Dunne, E. Carter, and E. Hatch; 2nd, Devils; A. Wade, E. Davis, and G. Summers. This competition, in which the competitors in the rival boats fought respectively with bags of soot and flour, caused roars of laughter.”

THE EVENING STAR – Friday 22 September 1905. “WIVENHOE REGATTA. The Wivenhoe and Rowhedge regatta was held on Thursday. There was a large attendance on the Wivenhoe side of the river, and the event proved a great attraction in the neighbourhood. The yachts in the Colne were decked with bunting. Though the weather was dull at first, it cleared beautifully towards the latter part of the afternoon. There was scarcely a cat’s paw of wind, and consequently the sailing matches were very slow. The event which proved most exciting was the second rowing match for four-oared in-rigged galleys, which was won, after a very finely contested race, by the Rowhedge Excelsior R.C., with Sudbury a very good second. The smack race ended in victory for Sunbeam (Captain W.W. Cranfield), whilst in the handicap match for yachts Onaway (Mr. James Barnard, jun.), was an easy first. A protest against Cariad, which was second, was lodged in the handicap race for the Brightlingsea Crab Chicks. The Myland Brass Band (under the conductorship of Mr. H. Wheeler) was stationed on the shore in the afternoon, and in the evening a firework display by Mr. Paul Aggio (which included a cyclist looping the loop) was very successfully carried out. Messrs. W. Johnson (Commodore), A.K. Barlow (Vice-Commodore), and J.B. Hawkins (Rear-Commodore), with the Hon. Secretary (Mr. T.W. Goodwin), and Treasurer (Mr. John Worsp), worked very hard to ensure the success of the regatta, and their efforts met with unqualified success. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. Levey Lever, and Mr. H. Newton. Results:-

A race for smacks.- Time allowance one minute per ton.- 1. Sunbeam, Capt. W.W. Cranfield; 2. Neva, Capt. L. Cranfield.

Handicap match for yachts not exceeding 21 tons.- 1. Onaway, Mr. Jas. Barnard, jun.

Match for yachts’ cutters.- 1. Venetia I., 2. Venetia II., 3. Meridian. Meridian won 1st prize on time allowance.

Handicap match for Brightlingsea Crab Chicks.- 1. Lilly, Mr. John James; 2. Cariad, Mr. John Sawyer; 3. Olive, Mr. Geo Peggs. There was a protest lodged in this match.

Match for sailing boats (half-decked or open), not exceeding 17 feet over all.- 1. Pirate, Mr. E. Harvey; 2. Curlew, Mr. H.W. Goodwin.

Rowing match for pair-oared Dingheys.- 1. Susan, Messrs. R. Simons and W. Shead; 2. Spright, Messrs. A.B. Turner and Chas. Gunn.

Single-handed race for yachts’ Dingheys.- 1. Spright, A.B. Turner; 2. Chas. Gunn.

Rowing match for yachts’ gigs.- 1. Normania, 2. Rosabelle, 3. Venetia.

Single-handed rowing match, for landsmen of Rowhedge and Wivenhoe.- 1. A. Simons, 2. W. Cranmer.

Single-handed rowing match for ladies.- 1. Miss Mabel Cranmer, 2. Miss Laura Burch, 3. Miss Catherine Wilson.

Rowing match for four-oared in-rigged galleys (open to all England).- 1. Rowhedge Excelsior R.C., 2. Sudbury R.C.

Pair-oared race for ladies.- 1. Miss Laura Burch and Miss F.L. Sainty, 2. Miss M. Cranmer and Miss l. Husk.

Single-handed race for men 60 years of age and upwards.- 1. Henry Barr, 2. Jas. Mills, 3. Z. Burch.

Rowing match for four-oared in-rigged galleys.- 1. Rowhedge Excelsior R.C., 2. Sudbury R.C., 3. Rowhedge R.C.

Single-handed sculling match for boys.- 1. Sidney Turner, 2. Stanley Husk, 3. Bertie Ellis.

Single-handed rowing match for Tradesmen of Wivenhoe and Rowhedge.- 1. Mr. Thos. Powell, 2. Mr. J. Hilliard.

Swimming match for boys.- 1. Sidney Turner, 2. Stanley Husk.

Pair-oared rowing match for boys under 16.- 1. Stanley Husk and Bertie Ellis, 2. A. and E. Wade, 3. F. Percival and A. Mason.

Pair-oared match for boys under 14.- 1. W. Owers and H. Burch. 2. F. Percival and A. Woods.

“Pull Devil and Pull baker.” – 1. Devil.”

CHELMSFORD CHRONICLE – Friday 29 September 1905. “BRIGHTLINGSEA REGATTA. This fixture was held in fine weather. Principal results:-

Yachts up to 21 tons.- 1.Mr. H. Grigg’s Jog; 2. Me. E. Watts’ Maimuna; 3. Mr. C. Brasted’s Albion.

Smacks, open.- 1. W. Cranfield’s Sunbeam; 2. L. Cranfield’s Neva.

Brightlingsea smacks.- 1. J. Welham’s Zodiac; 2. J. Francis’s Petrel; 3. A. Coppin’s Yet.

THE EVENING STAR – Wednesday 26 September 1906. “WIVENHOE REGATTA. On Tuesday, Rowhedge and Wivenhoe Regatta was held, and afforded much interest, not only to the inhabitants of the surrounding townships, but to a great number of visitors from the district. The day was delightfully fine, and the Colne presented a very gay appearance with its numerous beflagged sailing craft and other smaller boats. The entries showed a slight falling-off. During the afternoon the band of the 2nd Vol. Batt. Essex regiment gave excellent selections of music, whilst in the evening a firework display was given by Mr. Paul Aggio. The following were the officials- Messrs. A.K. Barlow (commodore), J.B. Hawkins (vice-commodore), H.D. Swan (rear-commodore), John Worsp (treasurer), T.W. Goodwin (hon. secretary), and H. Oakley (clerk of the course). Results:-

Handicap race for smacks.- 1. Ellen (Capt. R. Cranfield), 2. Elise (Capt. James Green), 3. Myra (Capt. James Gunn), 4. Neva (Capt. L. Cranfield).

Handicap match for yachts.- 1. Graviosa (Capt. R. Wilke), 2. Albion (Capt. C.W. Brasted).

Match for bona-fide yachts’ cutters.- 1. Venetia I., 2. Venetia II., 3. Meridien, 4. Walrus.

Match for sailing boats (half-decked or open),- 1. Mabel (- Kidby), 2. Victoria (H. Spinks).

Rowing match for pair-oared dingheys.- 1. Cheek and Ennew, 2. H. Barr, sen. and L. Burch.

Rowing match for yachts’ gigs.- 1. Walrus (W.C. Stamp), 2. Normania (J. Plane).

Single-handed rowing match (for landsmen of Rowhedge and Wivenhoe).- 1. H. Barr, sen., 2. L. Burch.

Rowing match for four-oared out-rigged galleys.- 1. Stour Boat Club, 2. Excelsior Rowing Club.

Motor race (confined to the Colne).- 1. Bertha (Capt. B. Dyer, sen.), 2. Merry Maid (Capt. Owers), 3. Aidear?

Single-handed race for men, not under 60 years of age.- 1. H. Barr, 2. L. Burch.

Rowing match for four-oared in-rigged galleys.- 1. Coronation, 2. Albion.

Yacht captains’ race, in bona-fide yachts’ dingheys.- 1. Albert Turner.

Single-oared sculling match for boys under 16.- 1. William Webb, 2. E. Percival.

Single-handed rowing match for tradesmen of Rowhedge and Wivenhoe.- 1. T. Powell, 2. G.J. Hillyard, 3. A.B. Everett.

Swimming match for boys under 17.- 1. S. Turner. 2. W.T. Rand. 3. S. Husk.

Pair-oared rowing match for boys under 16.- 1. W. Owers and J. Wade, 2. W. Webb and H. Burch.

Pair-oared rowing match for schoolboys under 14.- 1. A. Pearson and H. Burch, 2. P. James and G. Cranfield, 3. C. Woods and E. Percival, 4. C. James and J. King.”

The ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD adds: "During the evening the prizes were distributed at the Committee Room, the Ship Hotel, Rowhedge."

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 5 October 1907 - WYVENHOE AND ROWHEDGE REGATTA – “This popular event came off on Friday, Sept. 27, in beautiful weather, and proved most successful….The Wyvenhoe bank of the Colne was lined with a large number of spectators. The river itself presented an animated appearance with its numerous craft of all sizes, and there was a strong display of bunting.

Handicap race for smacks – 1.Sunbeam (Mr. W.W. Cranfield) 2.Ellen (Mr. R. Cranfield) 3. Lizzie (Mr. G. Glozier) 4.Advent (Mr. T. Howard). Neva (Mr. J. Cranfield) at the start fouled the Committee boat, which was lying off Mersea Stone, and carried away her bobstay. She was, therefore, disqualified.” [The Neva now owned by Jonathan “Jack” Cranfield.]

Rowing Match for pair-oared dingheys – 1. Minnie (R. Simons and Albert Turner) 2. Walrus (Archy Turner and C. Gunn).

Single-handed Race for bona fide yachts’ dingheys – 1. R. Simons 2. R. Turner 2. Albert Turner.”

Rowing Match for four-oared out-rigged galleys – 1. Helen (cox R. Cranfield) 2. Stour 3. Colne (cox A. Simons).

Rowing Match for four-oared in-rigged galleys – 1. Albion (cox R. Cranfield) 2. Coronation (cox B. Page) 3. Sylph (cox A. Simons).”

Note; Photographs of a couple of the rowing races appear in the Essex County Standard of  Saturday 5 October 1907.

Full article to come soon.

THE EVENING STAR – Friday 2 October 1908. “ROWHEDGE AND WIVENHOE REGATTA. IPSWICH NAIADS TO THE FRONT. The annual regatta for Wivenhoe and Rowhedge was carried out with great spirit and success on Thursday, and attracted a record crowd from Colchester and the district. There were 22 events on the programme, including four sailing matches. The course for smacks was to Hills Bay, round the Colne Fishery buoy, and home by Valfreyia and the Inner Edge buoy. The course for yachts was round the S.W. Benshed buoy, round Valfreyia and Colne Fishery buoy, finishing at Rowhedge. The competing smacks and yachts mustered off Mersea Stone. There was scarcely a puff of wind when the sailing matches started, but in the afternoon there was a moderate breeze from the South. Throughout the day the weather was delightful.

The smack race was well sailed throughout, and there was a fairly close finish between Sunbeam (Capt. L. Cranfield) and Neva (Capt. John Cranfield). As Sunbeam – which had to allow Neva 1 min. 32 secs. – crossed the line well in advance of Capt. John’s boat, the band played “The Conquering Hero,” and the victor immediately ran aground.

The yacht race was also keenly contested, Mr. C.W. Brasted’s Albion winning the handsome cup presented by Mr. J.S. Goodhart. Penelope was a good second, and Audrey third. The match for yachts’ cutters was won by the Venetia’s boat (Mr. F.W. Sykes, owner), the Walrus cutter being second. In the “half-decker” match, Mr. H. Spinks’ Victoria was first, and Mr. Cowdrey’s Kismet second, whilst in that for Mersea one-design sailing dingheys, Mr. W.J. Bean and Mr. J.S. Goodhart’s boats were respectively first and second. Ipswich was well to the front in the principal rowing matches, the Naiads winning the contest for four-oared out-rigged galleys, whilst Garnham and Yapp, both of the Naiad Club, won respectively first and third places in the race for “Rum-Tum” sculling boats. The youth of Wivenhoe were well represented in the swimming and rowing matches, and showed excellent form. The band of the Wivenhoe Wesley Guild, under Mr. D. Bones, gave a selection of music during the afternoon. The various arrangements were smartly carried out under the direction of the Commodore (Mr. A.K. Barlow), the Vice and Rear-Commodores (Mr. J.B. Hawkins and Mr. H.D. Swan), the Hon. Secretary (Mr. T.W. Goodwin), and the Hon. Treasurer (Mr. John Worsp), the last-named acting as starter. The timekeeper was Mr. E.H. Goodrum. The prizes were presented by Mr. H.D. Swan, and in the evening there was a very fine display of fireworks by Mr. Paul Aggio. Mrs. Levy Lever was amongst those who watched the regatta from the Committee boat.

Appended are the results:-

Handicap race for yachts (not exceeding 15 tons Thames measurement).- 1. Cup, value £10. 10s., Albion (C.W. Brasted); 2. Penelope (F.W. Leith); 3. Audrey (Jas. Barnard, jun.).

Handicap race for Smacks.- 1. Sunbeam (L. Cranfield); 2. Neva (John Cranfield); 3. My Alice (F. Stokes).

Match for yachts’ cutters.- 1. Venetia (F.W. Sykes); 2. Walrus (W.C.B. Stamp); 3. Venetia (No.2 cutter), (F.W. Sykes).

Sailing boat, half-decked or open.- 1. Victoria (H. Spinks); 2. Kismet (G. Cowdrey); 3. Senga (H. Minter).

Match for Mersea one-design sailing dingheys.- 1. W.J. Bean. 2. J.S. Goodhart. 3. S.V. Dent. 4. A.J. Hempstead.

Pair-oared dingheys.- 1. Turner and Simons. 2. A.J. Wade and Joe Wade.

Yachts’ dingheys (single-handed).- 1. Robert Simons. 2. A. Wade. 3. E. Percival.

Yachts’ gigs.- 1. Rosabelle. 2. Euphrosyne. 3. Lady Torfreda.

Rowing match for Wivenhoe and Rowhedge landsmen.- 1. A.J. Wade. 2. T. Ennew.

Rowing match for ladies (single-handed).- 1. Miss C. Wisbey. 2. Miss Laura Burch. 3. Miss Violet Wade.

Rowing match for four-oared out-rigged galleys.- 1. Naiad Rowing Club, Ipswich. 2. Excelsior, Colne. A fine race, the Naiads winning by just over one length.

Pair-oared race for ladies.- 1. Miss Laura Burch and Miss L. Sainty. 2. Miss Bessie Percival and Miss Carrie Wisbey.

Single-handed race (men of 60 and upwards).- 1. Steve Cranfield. 2. Hy. Barr. 3. Z. Burch.

Rowing match for four-oared in-rigged galleys.- 1. Albion. 2. Coronation. 3. Sylph.

Yacht captains’ race (for leg of mutton and box of cigars).- 1. A.B. Turner. 2. A. Wilkin.

Sculling match (boys under 16).- 1. Ed. Wade. 2. G. Cook. 3. E, Percival.

Open race for “Rum Tum” sculling boats.- 1. Garnham (Naiads, Ipswich). 2. Cranfield (Excelsior, Rowhedge). 3. Yapp (Naiads, Ipswich).

Swimming match (Wivenhoe and Rowhedge only).- 1. Ernest Davis. 2. Wm. Rand and F. Sawyer. 3. W. Kidby.

Swimming match (boys under 14).- 1. A. Wade. 2. Wm. Salisbury. 3. Archie Turner.

Rowing match (boys under 16).- 1. Wakeland and Owers. 2. Edward Wade and Owen Woods. 3. E. Percival and J. Barr.

Rowing match (boys under 14).- 1. Pearson and Lay. 2. Crickmore and Springett. 3. Carter and James.

In the “greasy pole” contest, which was naturally full of incident, Fred Harlow was the first to capture the flag.”

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 22 May 1909 - “WYVENHOE – CHAMPIONSHIP CUTTER RACES – The first of a series of fine races for yachts’ cutters for the championship of the River Colne, and for a handsome silver cup offered by Messrs. Forrestt and Co. Ltd. took place on Thursday”….The sailing committee included Captain W.W. Cranfield.


ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 25 September 1909 - “BRIGHTLINGSEA REGATTA – This annual event came off in fine weather on Thursday last….A large number of yachts in the Creek and Colne had dressed ship for the occasion….OPEN RACE FOR FISHING SMACKS not exceeding 30 tons B.M. Time allowance half-a-minute per ton. The course was from off the Hospital boat in Colne, down round the Bar buoy, round outer Bench Head buoy, up round the Colne Fishery buoy, and thence round the yacht Valfreyia, three times round. The start was made at 10.30. There was a splendid start for this race, all the boats crossing the line within four seconds of the gun being fired. Owing to the light wind, which fell to calm out by the Bar buoy, the boats were stopped at the end of the second round, the finishing and corrected times being:-

Express (R. Potter) 28 tons, Finish- 3hr.59m.44s. Corrected 3hr.59m.44s, Sunbeam (W. Cranfield) 18 tons, Finish- 3hr.59.24. Corrected 3hr.54m.24s, Wonder (J. Carter) 20 tons, Finish- 4hr.52m.8s. Corrected 4hr.48m.8s, My Alice (F. Stokes) 20 tons, Finish- 4hr.17m.37s. Corrected 4hr.13m.30s, Favourite (T. Brand) 26 tons, Finish- 4hr.33m.48s. Corrected 4hr.32m.48s, Daisy (blank Hilliard)  16 tons, not timed, Bertha (W. Redgwell) 18 tons, Finish- 4hr.52m.7s. Corrected 4hr.47m.7s.”


ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 2 October 1909 - “TOLLESBURY REGATTA – Tollesbury annual regatta was held on the Blackwater with great success on Friday, Sept. 24, in glorious weather.”

“Smack Race- (18-30 tons, open) 1. Sunbeam (W. Cranfield), 2. Express (R. Potter), 3. Bertha (W. Redgwell), 4. My Alice (F. Stokes).”


EAST ANGLIAN DAILY TIMES – Wednesday 6 October 1909. “WIVENHOE REGATTA. Wivenhoe and Rowhedge Regatta took place on Tuesday, off the former place. As is usual on such occasions, the Colne was alive with craft of all description, many of which were gaily dressed with streamers and flags. A business day, instead of the early closing day, was chosen in order to obtain a favourable tide. Nevertheless, there were a large number of spectators on the shore during the afternoon, when the rowing events were contested. The band of the Wivenhoe Wesley Guild occupied a spot opposite the Committee Boat, and played selections under the conductorship of Mr. D. Bones. In the evening, a firework display by Mr. Paul Aggio proved a great attraction, and a fair provided additional amusement. The officials were:- Mr. A.K. Barlow, commodore; Mr. J.B. Hawkins, vice-commodore; Mr. John Worsp, treasurer; and Mr. T.W. Goodwin, hon. Secretary. Mr. H.K. Newton, the prospective Conservative candidate, was among the visitors. The weather was somewhat squally, especially during the morning, there being a fresh breeze from the west. An exciting incident occurred near Rowhedge Ferry, just before the start of the race for sailing boats. Mr. Henry Barr’s Millie, an entrant for this event, was capsized by a sudden gust of wind. She was regarded as a likely prize-winner. During the race for smacks, an unfortunate mishap occurred to Mr. G.J. Hillyard’s Daisy, whose topmast was carried away. She was therefore rendered practically hors de combat. The winning smack – Sunbeam (Mr. W.W. Cranfield) – was accorded a hearty reception as she completed the distance, the band striking up the air, “See the conquering hero comes.” The general entries were up to the average, though there was a falling off in the number of lady competitors. In two of the races for the fair sex, there was only one starting boat, but in the other (four-oared in-rigged galleys) two crews competed, and were applauded for a capital pull. Below are details of the racing:-

Race for smacks.- The course was as follows: Start from an imaginary line between the Committee boat and the hospital ship on Mersea Stone, thence round the Bar buoy, leaving it on the port hand, to Priory buoy and Wallet Spit, round the North Buxey buoy on the starboard hand, and home to Wivenhoe. At the start Neva took the lead, the other boats following, in the order: Daisy, Sunbeam, Bertha, and Elsie. The finish was as follows:- Sunbeam (W.W. Cranfield) 2h.26m.46s.; Neva (John Cranfield) 2h.32m.45s.; Bertha (W. Ridgwell) 2h.37m.25s.; Elsie (J. Green) 2h.39m.10s. Daisy (G.J. Hillyard) not timed.

Handicap race for yachts steered by an amateur helmsman. First prize, a cup, value £10, presented by Mr. J.S. Goodhart. The course was as follows: Start as in the smack race to Bar buoy, leaving it on starboard hand, thence round South-west Bench Head buoy to the Valfreyia. Twice round, and then round Colne Fishery buoy, and home. Narcissus (Dr. G.T. Kevern) took the lead at the start, being followed by Julia (John Sawyer), Skate (Howard Messer), and Undine (Capt. Mowatt, 38th Regt.). The finish was as follows:- Narcissus 2h.53m.15s.; Skate 3h.36m.5s. Julia and Undine gave up, Cockatoo and La Fourchette were non-starters.

Bona-fide yachts’ cutters.- Venetia I. took the lead at the start, and maintained it throughout. Finish: Venetia I. (Mr. Sykes), 2h.58m.47s.; Venetia II. (Mr. Sykes), 3h.1m.15s.; Lady Blanch (Mr. C.A. Ellis), 3h.3m.10s.

Sailing boats (half-decked or open). Finish: Victoria (H.C. Spinks) 3h.7m.18s.; Lizzie (J. Husk), 3h.7m.30s.; Senga (H. Minter), 3h.8m.4s.; Cariad (John Sawyer), 3h.8m.40s.; and Mariana (C. Sounes), 3h.9m.20s.

Match for Mersea one-design sailing dingheys.- 1. Mr. Dent. 2. Mr. Goodhart. 3. Capt. Harden.

Rowing match for pair-oared dingheys.- 1. A.B. Turner and R. Simons. 2. Ted Percival and Jumbo Smith. 3. Gunn and R. Turner. 4. A.J. Wade and Alf Wade.

Single-handed race for yachts’ dingheys.- 1. R. Simons. 2. A. Wade.

Rowing match for yachts’ gigs.- 1. Rosabelle (cox A. Turner). 2. Cariad (cox Durrell). 3. Normania (cox Hillyard). 4. Moonbeam (cox Hyde). Rosabelle won easily, but there was keen competition between Cariad and Normania before the smaller boat could establish an advantage.

Single-handed rowing match for landsmen.- 1. A.J. Wade. 2. – Summers. 3. A.B. Everett.

Single-handed rowing match for ladies.- 1. Miss Violet Wade.

Rowing match for four-oared out-rigged galleys.- 1st prize included five silver medals, presented by Mr. Paul Aggio.- 1. Colne (cox E. Burrell). 2. Hellen (cox A. Simons).

Pair-oared race for ladies.- Misses Violet Wade and Daisy Oakley.

Single-handed race for veterans.- 1. S. Cranfield. 2. H. Barr. 3. Zac Burch.

Rowing match for four-oared in-rigged galleys.- 1. Coronation (cox A. Downing). 2. Sylph (cox R. Cranfield). 3. Albion (cox H. Moulton). A good race, the second boat beating Albion by a length only.

Ditto for ladies.- 1. Albion (Misses Pearson (2), Cranfield and Jones). 2. Sylph (Misses Burch (2), Knight and Durrell).

Single-handed sculling match for boys under 16.- 1. W. Turner. 2. G. Cranfield. 3. M. Carter.

Rum-tum sculling boats.- 1. S. Cranfield. 2. L. Walford. 3. F. Moulton.

Swimming match.- 1. S.C. Mills.2. F.S. Chapman. 3. J.P. Smith.

Ditto for boys.- 1. W.H. Salisbury. 2. W. Turner. 3. E. Rand. 4. A.W. Wade.

Pair-oared match for boys under 16.- 1. Mark Carter and – Durrell. 2. E. Wade and C. Woods. 3. D. Pearson and R. James.

Pull Devil v. Pull Baker,- The “bakers” (T. Percival, W. Blackwood, and A. Turner) vanquished the “devils” (E. Wilkinson, C. Warren, and Geo. Cudmore).”

ESSEX COUNTY TELEGRAPH – Saturday 10 September 1910 - “CLACTON REGATTA – Fishing Smacks Race (Open) – 1. Sunbeam, 18 tons, W.W. Cranfield. 2. Wonder, 20 tons, J. Carter. 3. Ellen II, 20 tons, H.S. Martin.”

ESSEX COUNTY TELEGRAPH – Saturday 1 October 1910 - “BRIGHTLINGSEA – REGATTA – In weather that was perfectly delightful for every outdoor enterprise – except sailing – the annual regatta at Brightlingsea was held with great success on Tuesday. The estuary was gay with yachts rigged out in brilliant colours, and under the cloudless summer sky the scene was picturesque and interesting…..In the open race for Fishing Smacks not over 30 tons, W. Cranfield’s Sunbeam was first and J. Cranfield’s Neva second….“Open Race for Fishing Smacks, not exceeding 30 tons B.M. Time allowance, half-a-second per ton:- Started 10.45 am. 1. Sunbeam, W. Cranfield, 20 tons, corrected time 3hr. 15m. 40s; 2. Neva, J. Cranfield, 20 tons, 3hr. 24m. 15s; 3. Favourite, T. Brand, 26 tons, 3hr. 29m. 4s; 4. Peace, S. French, 12 tons, 3hr. 34m. 27s.”

EAST ANGLIAN DAILY TIMES – Tuesday 11 October 1910. “ROWHEDGE AND WIVENHOE REGATTA. SAILING MATCHES DISORGANISED. The annual regatta for the townships of Rowhedge and Wivenhoe was held on Monday afternoon. The Committee boat was moored off Rowhedge Ferry, and the banks of the river in the vicinity were lined with a large number of spectators. Special railway fares had the effect of bringing in a good number of visitors from Colchester and the stations on the Tendring Hundred line. The weather was fine and seasonable, but there was practically no wind. Consequently the sailing events were somewhat disorganised, the boats not returning to the Committee boat till late in the afternoon. Of the rowing events, those for four-oared galleys came in for special attention. The race for four-oared galleys, confined to the Colne, resulted in a very close contest between the Colne and Erin, the former wanting by a few inches only. These were the only competitors in this event. The river was alive with craft of all descriptions; some of these had a painful habit of getting in the course just at finishing times, and once or twice a collision looked inevitable. However, the regatta passed off without any such unfortunate results. The officials were: Messrs. A.K. Barlow (commodore), J.B. Hawkins (Vice-Commodore), H.D. Swan (Rear Commodore), John Worsp (treasurer), and T.W. Goodwin (hon. Secretary). Mr. H.K. Newton, member for the Division, paid a visit to the Committee boat during the afternoon. The band of the Wivenhoe Wesley Guild occupied a stand on the Rowhedge bank and played selections under the conductorship of Mr. D. Bones. At night a firework display was given by Messrs. Sullings and Co., Ipswich.


Handicap race for smacks. The course was one of about 12 miles as follows. Start from Mersea Stone, round North-west Knowle buoy, thence round South West Bench Head buoy, thence into the Colne, round Valfreyia, leaving her on the starboard hand, thence round North-west Knowle buoy again and home. Corrected time: 1. Sunbeam (W.W. Cranfield) 4h. 16m.; 2. Neva (John Cranfield) 4h. 25m.; Beatrice (Jas. Barnard, sen.) gave up.

Handicap race for yachts not exceeding 15 tons, steered by amateur helmsmen. First prize, Mr. Goodhart’s Cup, value £10. The course was the same as that for smacks. Four started – 1. Narcissus (Dr. Kevern) 2. Cockatoo (Littlehales, jun.) 3. Victoria (Inspector Poole). The times were not available.

Handicap match for the “Crab Chicks” – The start was from an imaginary line in Brightlingsea Creek, the course being one of about nine miles. There were eight entries. Result: Vanoya (R. Stone), Isla (F.F. Grimes), Kythe (W.F. Pattison). [Times are impossible to read].

Match for bona fide yachts’ cutters:- 1. Venetia I (F.W. Sykes), Winifred (Captain Isaac Rice), Venetia II (F.W. Sykes).

Match for sailing boats (half-decked or open):- 1. Mr. Dent, 2. Mr. J.S. Goodhart, 3. Capt. Harden, 4. Mr. J. Husk, 5. Mr. A. Carter.

Rowing match for pair-oared dingheys: – 1. R. Turner and C. Gunn. 2. Robert Simons and W. Shead. 3. A. Wade and Joe Wade.

Single-handed race for bona fide yachts’ dingheys:- 1. R. Simons, 2. C. Gunn, 3. R. Turner.

Rowing match for yacht’s gigs:- 1. Rosabelle (R. Turner), 2. Gundreda (H. Hillyard).

Single-handed rowing match for landsmen of Wivenhoe and Rowhedge:- 1. A. Wade, 2. A.B. Everitt, 3. Fred Shipp.

Single-handed rowing match for ladies:- 1. Miss Violet Wade.

Rowing match for four-oared out-rigged galleys:- 1. Colne (S. Cranfield, F. Rose, G. Cook, E. Crickmore, Cox, A. Simons), 2. Erin (E. Spinks, P. Cranfield, J. Wade, G. Skinner, cox, G. Durrell, 3. Helen (H. Hillyard, R. Wade, D. Dyer, A. Warrick, cox, J. King).

Pair-oared race for ladies:- 1. Misses V. Wade and D. Oakley.

Single-handed race for men 60 years old and over:- 1. Zac Burch, 2. Harry Barr.

Rowing match for four-oared out-rigged galleys (confined to the Colne):- 1. Colne, 2. Erin.

Ladies’ four-oared in-rigged galley race:- 1. Coronation (the Misses Winnie Jones, Kate Pearson, Winnie Wilkinson, and Edith Pearson, cox, W. Carter), 2. Albion (the Misses D., G., V., and M. Oliver, cox, F.C. Cundy).

Single-handed sculling match for boys under 16:- 1. Edward Wade, 2. Ernest Green, 3. Mark Carter.

Swimming match:- 1. Sydney Turner, 2. Adolphus Wade, 3. Henry Chidwick.

Ditto for boys under 14 years of age:- 1. W.T. Turner, 2. Jack Wraith.

Pair-oared rowing match for boys under 16:- 1. Alfred Wilkin and Ed. Wade, 2. C. Turner and W. Eagle, 3. Mark Carter and Ralph James.

Wivenhoe - Regatta Day Thursday 28 September 1911.jpg

ESSEX COUNTY TELEGRAPH – Tuesday 5 September 1911 - “CLACTON REGATTA – Never before have the organisers of the popular regatta been favoured with a better day for the events than on Thursday…

Handicap Fishing Smack Race (open) – 1. Sunbeam, 18 tons, Mr. W.W. Cranfield 2.The Lilly (sic), 15 tons, Mr. J. Cranfield 3. Ellen I., 18 tons, Mr. R. Cranfield. The handicap was 30 secs per ton B.M.”

ESSEX COUNTY TELEGRAPH – Tuesday 3 October 1911 - “REGATTA AT WIVENHOE – INTERESTING DAY’S SPORT – The annual Rowhedge and Wivenhoe Regatta held off Wivenhoe on Thursday provided an interesting day’s sport, and in the evening there was a riot of fun in a confetti fete and fireworks. It was a delightful sailing day.”

Committee; “Dr. Kevern, Messrs. Pearson, Boyes, Rowe, Goodwin, J.S. Goodhart, Turner Ennew, James Wade, Captains Mason, Pudney, Turner Barnard, Turner, W. Cranfield, Jonathan Cranfield, [Barty] Smith, C. Symons (sic), and Taylor.

Rowing match for pair-oared dingheys - 1. W. Symons 2. A. Blackwood 3. R. Barr.

Single-handed rowing match for yachts’ dingheys – 1.; A. Blackwood 2. W. Symons 3. R. Barr.

Single-handed rowing match for landsmen – 1. Symons 2. Shipp 3. Barr.”

ESSEX COUNTY TELEGRAPH – Saturday 11 November 1911 - “WIVENHOE – YACHT’S CUTTER CHAMPIONSHIP DINNER – To celebrate the winning of the cutter championships of the River Colne, the owner of the winning boat, Rannoch, generously entertained the committee, captains, and crews of the competing cutters, and a few friends, at the Park Hotel, on Tuesday, to a sumptuous repast.” In attendance, and among those who contributed to the musical performances was Capt. W. Cranfield.

ESSEX COUNTY TELEGRAPH – Saturday 5 October 1912 - “ROWHEDGE REGATTA – INTERESTING DAY’S SPORT – The popular regatta in connection with Rowhedge and Wivenhoe took place on Wednesday at Rowhedge, and in point of spectacular interest the fixture gained on many of its predecessors, for there was a particularly good number of entries for the smacks and yachts events, and some capital sailing was witnessed….” The King contributed £5 to the regatta fund.

“Handicap Race for smacks not exceeding 30 tons – 1. Sunbeam (Mr. Cranfield) 3h 19m 52s; 2. Blanche (Mr. A. Cranfield) 3h 23m 32s.”…… “Hildegarde, Mr. J. Symons” also entered the race.

“Yacht’s Gigs – There were two entries, and Rosabelle was an easy first, leading the Normania crew from the start – The winners were – R. and A. Symons, B. Norfolk, R. Turner and A. Turner (coxswain).”

ESSEX COUNTY TELEGRAPH – Saturday 16 November 1912 - “WIVENHOE – YACHT CUTTERS’ RACING DINNER” – “Capt. Cranfield” attended the dinner at the Masonic Hall on Wednesday evening.

CHELMSFORD CHRONICLE – Friday 26 September 1913. “WIVENHOE. The Rowhedge and Wivenhoe annual regatta took place on Tuesday. The weather held fine, but the sailing vessels and boats had to encounter a stiff south-easterly wind on the outgoing journey. Mr. A.K. Barlow was commodore, and Mr. H.R. Oakley was hon. sec. Results:

Rowing match for pair-oared Dingheys. 1. R. Simons and R. Turner; 2.C. Turner and A. Turner 3.H. Turner and J. Blyth.

Single-handed rowing match for landsmen. F. Payne. Ditto, for ladies. Miss. B. Percival. Rowing match for four-oared outrigged galleys. Excelsior Rowing Club. Pair-oared race for ladies, with coxswain. The Misses B. and I. Percival. Single-handed race for men 60 years of age and upwards. Stephen Cranfield. Open handicap race for motor launches. Baby, Mrs. Smith. Single-handed sculling match for boys. Jack Turner. Swimming match. W. Munson. Ditto, Wivenhoe and Rowhedge boys under 14. J. Theobald. Pair-oared rowing match, boys. Jesse Turner and S. Sebborn. Pull devil, pull baker. A tie. Single-handed race for bona-fide yachts’ Dingheys. 1. R. Simons 2. P. Dowsett 3. R. Turner.” pleasure boats. Excelsior (Tucker Bown).”

King George V lent his patronage to the event.

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 1 November 1913 - “CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE RIVER COLNE FOR YACHTS’ CUTTERS – The contest for the above began on Monday, October 27….the arrangements being carried out by the following committee.” Included “Capt. W. Cranfield.”

CHELMSFORD CHRONICLE – Friday 5 September 1919. “ROWHEDGE AND WIVENHOE REGATTA. Rowhedge and Wivenhoe Regatta was held on Monday, the first time since the war. An excellent programme was arranged, and some keen racing witnessed. The Wivenhoe Brass Band rendered selections throughout the day. The officials were: Commodore, J.A. Rennie; vice-commodore, W. Oxton; rear-commodore, Dr. Kevern; treasurer, T.W. Goodwin; hon. sec., P.C. Walker. In the evening a grand firework display was given. Details;-

Open handicap for smacks.- 1. Ellen, (handicap 3½ min.), Richard Cranfield, 3 hrs. 6 min. 7 sec.; 2. Elsie (scratch), F. Green, 3 hrs. 8 min.; 3. Xanthe, (4½ min.), J. Stammers; Lizzie Maud (A. Turner) 4½ min., had a finished time of 3hrs. 22min. 25sec., but lost third prize on a protest by Xanthe.

Open Handicap Race for Yachts.- 1. Narcissus (scratch), Dr. Kevern, 3 hrs. 2 min. 10 sec.; 2. Almeta (37 min. handicap), H. Hook, 3 hrs. 55 min. 45 sec.; 3. Dora (35 min.), Pemberton and Potash, 4 hrs. 34 min. 20 sec. The Alice II and Herron were also in the race.

Match for Sailing Boats (handicap).- 1. Scallywag (G. Tiffen); 2. Dinah (A.E. Gowen); 3. Raven (C. Sainty). Eight started; won by 2 min.; time allowed, half minute per foot. Donah won by 7 min.

Rowing Match for pair-oared Boats.- 1. Simons and Son; 2. Cranfield and Jones.

Single-handed Rowing Match for Ladies.- 1. Miss M. Percival; 2. Miss B. Percival; 3. Miss I. Percival.

Rowing Match for Men 60 and upwards.- 1. Stephen Cranfield walked over.

Single-handed Sculling Match for Boys under 16.- 1. C. Cranfield.

Swimming Match.- 1. A.E. Amos; 2. H. Barker; 3. R. Turff.

Pair-oared Rowing Match for Boys under 16.- 1. Cranfield and Percival; 2. Sainty and Martin.

Motor Launches Handicap.- 1. Douglas (Mr. J. Husk); 2. Betenga (Mr. W. Oxton); 3. Florence (Mr. G.W. Trayler). Douglas won by 41 sec., Betenga second by 1 sec.”

CHELMSFORD CHRONICLE – Friday 24 September 1920. “The Wivenhoe and Rowhedge Regatta, fixed for Saturday, was postponed owing to the rain, with the exception of three sailing matches, which resulted as follows: Open handicap for smacks, 15 to 20 tons B.M. 1. (cup presented by Capt. A. Moller), Sunbeam, Wm. Gunn (scratch); 2. Ellen, R. Cranfield (handicap 5min.); 3. Xanthe, G. Hillyard (12min.). Ditto yachts, 7 to 20 tons T.M. 1. Narcissus, G. Travers Kevern (15min.); 2. Curlew, F. Townsend (15min.); 3. Andrum, B. Andrews (scratch). Ditto yachts 7 tons and under, T.M. 1. Aline II., H.P. Moller (8min.); 2. Volage, A. Neild (scratch); 3. Rana IV., W. Dickson (30min). The arrangements were efficiently carried out by the Commodore (Mr. C.H.C. Moller), the Vice-Commodore (Mr. W. Oxton), and the Rear-Commodore (Dr. G. Travers Kevern), the hon treasurer being Mr. T.W. Goodwin, and the hon secretary, Mr. E. Jackson.”

CHELMSFORD CHRONICLE – Friday 25 August 1922. “WIVENHOE REGATTA. A Septuagenarian Oarsman. Numerous spectators, capital sailing, and fine weather contributed to the success of Wivenhoe regatta, organised by the Essex Regatta and Wivenhoe and Rowhedge Committees… One of the prize-winners in the rowing race for veterans was Stephen Cranfield, who is 76 years of age.

Rowing, pair-oared boats.- 1. Simons, sen. and jun.; 2. F. Tye and J. Bell.

Single-handed Race for men over 50. 1. Robt. Simons; 2. H. Pullen; 3. Stephen Cranfield (aged 76 years).

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