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s.y.  MEDUSA


G.R. & R.O. of S. & S. Received 23 AUG. 1923

Name of Yacht; MEDUSA

Official Number; 119744

Port of Registry; So’ton

Port No. And Date of Register; 22/1906

Registered Tonnage - Gross; 598 Net; 231

Nominal Horse Power of Engines (if any); 152

Registered Managing Owner; Alfred Farquhar Esq.

Address of Owner;  11 Belgrave Sq., London S.W.

No. of Seamen for whom accommodation is certified; 39

[This crew list only contains details of 20 men and may be incomplete]


The several persons whose names are hereto subscribed, and whose descriptions are contained below, and of whom – 12 – are engaged as Sailors, hereby agree to serve on board the said Yacht, in the several capacities expressed against their respective Names, until the said Yacht shall be paid off.

On a voyage or voyages from Southampton on a yachting cruise to any ports or places the owner or master may wish to go. Voyage not to exceed nine months and to end in the United Kingdom.

And the Crew agree to conduct themselves in an orderly, faithful, honest and sober manner, and to be at all times diligent in their respective Duties, and to be obedient to the lawful commands of the said Master, or of any person who shall lawfully succeed him, and of their Superior Officers, in everything relating to the said Yacht, and the Stores thereof, whether on board, in boats, or on shore: in consideration of which Services to be duly performed, the said Master hereby agrees to pay to the said Crew as Wages the Sums against their Names respectively expressed. And it is hereby agreed that any Embezzlement, or wilful or negligent Destruction of any part of the Ship’s Cargo or Stores shall be made good to the Owner out of the Wages of the person guilty of the same. And it is further agreed, that if any Seaman enters himself in a capacity for which he is in, he is liable to be disrated. And it is also agreed, that if any member of the Crew considers himself to be aggrieved by any breach of the Agreement or otherwise, he shall represent the same to the Master or Officer in charge of the Ship in a quiet and orderly manner, who shall thereupon take such steps as the case may require: and it is also stipulated that advances on account and allotments of part of wages shall be made as specified against the names of the respective seamen in the columns provided for that purpose. And it is also agreed, that any man guilty of misconduct shall be liable to be discharged by the Master at any Port in Great Britain or Ireland; and that the voyage shall be considered as terminated when the Yacht is paid off. And it is also agreed, that

The clothes provided by the owner are yachts stores and are to last each man at least six months, but they will be given to each member of the crew when the said yacht is finally paid off at the end of the season provided he conducts himself to the satisfaction of the master. Any member of the crew being paid off previously by reason of misconduct or otherwise shall forfeit the same. This does not apply to the Bridge coats and Quarter Master’s coats, they are to be and are to remain the property of the owner. No member of the crew allowed on shore without permission from the master or officer-in-charge. Sobriety will be strictly enforced. Firemen and seamen to assist each other where and when required. Crew find themselves in provisions.

In Witness whereof, the said Parties have subscribed their Names herein, on the days mentioned against their respective signatures.

Signed by Thos. P.B. Spriddell, Master, on the 14th day of February  1923.


Date of Commencement of Voyage; 14/2/1923

Port at which Voyage commenced; Southampton

Date of Termination of Voyage; 11.8.23

Port at which Voyage terminated; Southampton

Date of Delivery of Lists to Superintendent; 11.8.23

I hereby declare to the truth of the Entries in this Agreement and Account of Crew, &c. Thos. P.B. Spriddell Master.



The 20 men listed come from Cowes, Ryde, Cornwall, Hants etc. All joined MEDUSA 14/2/23 at Southampton and discharged 11 August 1923 at Southampton. All were to be on board by 12/2/23 and all reported “V.G.” for ability and for general conduct. Local men listed below;


Harold V. CRANFIELD 884135, age 36, born Rowhedge. Of; Florence Cottage, Rowhedge. Last served in; MELISANDE 1922. Joined this Ship 14/2/23 at Southampton. Capacity; Mate. Royal Naval Reserve No.; 0012355. Amount of Wages per Week; £5. and £1.5/- Board Wages. Balance of Wages paid on Discharge; £5. 11/8.


Lemon CRANFIELD 393856, age 38, born Rowhedge. Of; Sidney Cottage, Rowhedge. Last served in; HANI IV 1923 (Registered 1918, Steam, of Cardiff. Crew list for 1923 in Canada). Capacity; A.B. Amount of Wages per Week; £3.2/6 and 2/6 for special position. Balance of Wages paid on Discharge; £7. 8/-.


C. CRANMER 553803, age 46, born Rowhedge. Of; 60 Randolph St, F’mantle, So’ton. Capacity; B’sun.

J.H. ENNEW 59057, age 42, born Rowhedge. Of; Genesta Cottage, Albion St, Rowhedge. Last served in NAHMA. Capacity; Quarter Master.

E.R. PITT 783044, age 25, born Wivenhoe. Of; 7 Colne Terrace, Rowhedge, Park Rd, Wivenhoe. Capacity; A.B.



Percy S. Cranfield of Rowhedge is also known to have been a crew member of Medusa.



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