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The Scarlet Poms

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD - Saturday 1 November 1913 - “ROWHEDGE - THE "SCARLET POMS" SOCIAL - On October 23 a very successful social was held in the Lion Assembly Rooms.  The Social was organised by the "Scarlet Poms", a troupe of young ladies and gentlemen who made their first appearance as variety entertainers. The programme was commenced with a pianoforte solo by Miss. Olive Jones. The next item was a dance, in which many took part. A song, “Cowboy Joe”, sung by Mr. Bob Barnard in cowboy attire, pleased the audience immensely. Mr. C. Simons caused much hilarity with his songs. He was irresistibly amusing, and had to respond to several encores. Other songs were effectively rendered by Miss. F. Springett and Mr. E. Lubbock. Miss. L. Gredley as “Britannia” acted very gracefully in a song entitled “The Mermaid”. The members of the troupe are:- The Misses. L. Gredley, K. Pearson, F. Springett, W. Gredley, F. Rose, M. Carter, O. Jones and Messrs. E. Lubbock, S. Crickmore, C. Simons, B. Barnard, C. Cudmore, E. Jones, and T. Pearson. The accompaniments were played by Miss. Olive Jones.”

ESSEX COUNTY TELEGRAPH - Saturday 3 January 1914 - “OLD INHABITANTS ENTERTAINED – “A very successful entertainment was given to the old inhabitants of the village by the “Scarlet Poms” in the Lion Assembly Room on New Year’s day, the expenses being defrayed by the funds in hand from the previous “Scarlet Poms” socials. Songs were given by the troupe, and were well applauded by the audience, who appreciated the brass band selections. Mr. C. Simons was quite humorous in his comic songs, and in his character song with Mr. S. Crickmore pleased the old folks immensely. One very effective “turn” was a song entitled “The Mermaid”, in which Miss. L. Gredley acted very gracefully as Britannia. Other songs were rendered by the Misses. F. Springett, E. Pearson, F. Rose and F. Pearson, who were accompanied by Miss. O. Jones. The most brilliant item on the programme  was a gorgeous Indian Scene, in which war songs were sung, and a duet was sung by the boy Indians, Masters Tom Pearson and E. Jones. At the close of the concert Mr. T. Pitt, in the name of the audience, thanked the troupe very much for the pleasant time afforded, and Mr. C. Simons responded. About 9pm the people took their departure after partaking of refreshments.”

ESSEX COUNTY TELEGRAPH - Saturday 28 February 1914 - “ROWHEDGE – THE SCARLET POMS – The Lion Assembly Room was crowded with an enthusiastic audience on Thursday evening, the occasion of another Scarlet Poms’ social. Mr. C. Simons created much merriment with his songs, among which was “The Insurance Act”. Other songs were sung by Messrs. E. Cudmore, S. Crickmore, E. Lubbock, and Miss. F. Rose. A vocal duet, “The Lighthouse Keepers” was rendered by the Misses F. Springett, and E. Pearson. In a Dutch scene which concluded the programme, a song was contributed by Misses K. Pearson and L. Gredley; and a duet by Masters Tom Pearson and E. Jones. The accompaniment throughout the evening was Miss. O. Jones.”

ESSEX COUNTY TELEGRAPH - Saturday 7 March 1914 - “THE SCARLET POMS AT ROWHEDGE”- The above picture shows “The Scarlet Poms”, a successful amateur troupe of local entertainers who have performed several times at Rowhedge to crowded audiences. Reading from left to right they are: Miss. O. Jones, Miss. W. Gredley, Miss. M. Carter, Mr. E. Cudmore, Miss. E. Pearson, Mr. E. Lubbock, Miss. L. Gredley, Miss. K. Pearson, Mr. C. Simons, Miss. F. Pearson, Mr. S. Crickmore, Miss. F. Springett, and Miss. F. Rose.”



ESSEX COUNTY TELEGRAPH - Saturday 23 May 1914 - ROWHEDGE- “THE SCARLET POMS – On May 14th, the Scarlet Poms ended their season in the Lion Assembly Room with a grand concert. The appearance of the troupe – attired in pretty costumes – evoked an outburst of cheering. Miss. O. Jones opened with a Pianoforte solo, followed by a song by S. Crickmore, items that were much appreciated. Mr. C. Simons was encored for “The Tango Curate”, and other songs were sung by the following favourites:- Misses. E. Pearson, F. Springett, F. Rose, W. Gredley, and F. Pearson. Mr. D. Clarke scored with “A Jolly Tar”, and Masters T. Pearson and E. Jones were well applauded for their songs. A great success was made in the special turn by the “Britannia Family”, a merry crew of mirth-makers, who were loudly applauded. “The Two Johns” (C. Simons and S. Crickmore) made a huge success in their latest musical item “The best of everything”. The concert concluded with a short comedy, “An unexpected entertainment”, the parts being taken by Misses. E. Pearson, L. Gredley, K. Pearson, F. Pearson, W. Gredley, and F. Springett. This act produced screams of laughter from beginning to end. Thus once again the charitable ideas of The Scarlet Poms have met with great success.”



ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 23 May 1914 - ROWHEDGE –“ ENTERTAINMENT – Another very successful entertainment was given by the “Scarlet Poms” in the Assembly Room on Thursday, May 14. The stage was tastefully arranged, and the hall again well filled with an enthusiastic audience. The appearance of the troupe was marked by a hearty round of applause, and all the troupe songs were well appreciated. A characteristic song, The Highwayman, was creditably performed by Mr. S. Crickmore, and he also made a great hit with Mr. C. Simons in his musical act – “The Best of Everything”. Mr. Simons was in his usual good form, and was recalled again and again. Other songs were sung by the Misses. F. Rose, W. Gredley, E. Pearson and F. Springett, all being thoroughly enjoyed. Mr. D. Clarke scored as a Jolly Jack Tar in the song, Bo’sun, Gunner and Me, whilst Master T. Pearson and E. Jones were well applauded for their songs. The appearance of the Britannia Family had a sensational effect and proved the most brilliant turn of the evening. All the troupe attired as sailors with Britannia as a centre piece, made a striking picture. Miss. F. Pearson and Miss. F. Springett assisted by the troupe gave favourite sailor songs selected from their repertoire. The audience were kept in roars of laughter during a short comedy – “An Unexpected Entertainment”. The characters were taken by the Misses. Pearson, Miss. L. Gredley, and Miss. W. Gredley. All performed their various parts in good style. A piano forte solo was ably rendered by Miss. O. Jones, who acted as pianist during the evening.”


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