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Rowing featured in the local regattas and will eventually be covered in that section... the ladies had rowing matches too. The articles here are to do with the Rowhedge rowing clubs. Let's get the smutty joke out of the way!

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Date unknown


Rowhedge Football 02a.png
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Rowhedge Shipyard FC -  1945-46 season
Colourised photo & text courtesy of Nick Sheen
Rowhedge Shipyard 1945 - 1946 (colourise

Back row (left to right): (1) Robert Buckingham (Director and Chairman), (2) Les Collins, (3) (pos) Henry (Harry) Hillyard, (4) Bim Jones, (5) ---?---, (6) Albert Cork, (7) Derek Marshall, (8) (pos) Jim Fisher, (9) Frank Butcher, (10) Jack Butcher (Works Manager), (11) ---?---, (12) Charlie Purvey, (13) ---?---

Middle row (left to right): (14) Raymond (Sandy) Saunders, (15) Eric Simons, (16) Ken Spinks, (17) Donald Oxton (Managing Director), (18) Basil Wisbey, (19) ---?---, (20) Albert Parker

Front row (right to left): (21) John Wilmott, (22) Jim Day, (23) Eric Mills, (24) Doug Parker

Rowhedge Shipyard played in the local "Border League."

Their kit colours were red and white.

Information from Mersea Museum indicates this is "Rowhedge Ironworks - Rowhedge Shipyard F.C. Final Salter Cup vs. Tollesbury at Layer Rd 21 May 1945. Result 5-3."


Rowhedge Ironworks v. Aldous Successors - July 1952

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 30 April 1904 - EAST DONYLAND – “CRICKET CLUB – The annual meeting of this club was held at the Ship Hotel on Wednesday, April 27”….Members of the committee inc. Robert Pearson, jun., A. Simons, R. Cranfield….


ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 28 May 1904 - EAST DONYLAND – “ROWHEDGE CRICKET TEAM – This club opened its season on Whit Monday by journeying to Abberton. The visitors batted first and made 51, Abberton scoring 37, Rowhedge winning by 14. On Tuesday they visited Fingringhoe, proving victorious by 42 runs. The scores were Fingringhoe 49, Rowhedge 91. For the homesters Rev. G. Hicks made 27. The scorers in the visiting team were R. Scrutton 27, A. Simons 16, and F. Rose 14.”

ESSEX COUNTY TELEGRAPH – Saturday 2 November 1912 - EAST DONYLAND – “QUOIT CLUB DINNER – The annual dinner and smoking concert took place at the Ipswich Arms on Saturday…” Among those contributing songs; “ A. Simons, must be Albert, from Wivenhoe”.

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