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Standing – Stephen Cranfield, unknown, unknown (policeman), unknown, Cousins, Maslen, unknown, Capt. Turner Barnard (walking stick), unknown, Harry Spinks, Bob Wadley, Goodhart, unknown, unknown, Foster, unknown, unknown (policeman), Eddie Turff, Billy Humphries, Barker, David Radford, John Radford, Billy Moulton.

Seated – Harry Fairweather, Harry Richer, Arthur Simons jnr, Fred Rose, John Watcham, unknown child, Harold Scrutton, Bridge Spooner, Walter Southgate, Louis Gredley, Joe King


                              Donyland Lodge, East Donyland c.1910

Back row – L to R; Louis Gredley, unknown, “Tilf” King, Henry “Harry” Spinks, Policeman unknown, unknown, Mr Smith (Wivenhoe), Ted Crickmore’s father, Mr Amos the baker.

Middle row – Unknown, Capt. Turner Barnard, Bob Pearson jnr., Mr Cooper, Col. Tyssen Holroyd, Bob Pearson snr., Unknown, Mr Cooper, Jonathan Cranfield jnr.

Front – seated on grass- Harold Scrutton, Mr. Everitt.

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 11 January 1902 - ROWHEDGE –“ NEW YEAR’S PARTY – The annual party given by Mrs. Holroyd and Mrs. Daniell, was again well attended, and thoroughly enjoyed. The guests numbered about 60, and were all above 60 years of age. Mr. Barker, the schoolmaster, had prepared the infants’ schoolroom as a concert room. Here at 2.30 the principal portion of the concert was given by the school children. This was greatly enjoyed. The next room had been decorated, and tea tables set out by Messrs. John Turff and James Theobald. To this the company adjourned, and sat down to a bountiful tea…..During and after tea the company were regaled with the performances of the East Donyland String Band, and songs by Colonel Holroyd, Mr. and Mrs. Barker, and others, among whom was Mr. J. Simons, nearly 80 years of age, who sang a very long song on the deeds of Napoleon,- Hearty thanks, with cheers, were given for the donors of the tea and for all who assisted in the entertainment of the guests. The party dispersed after singing the National Anthem.”

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 31 October 1903 - EAST DONYLAND – “PUBLIC MEETING – A public meeting of the seafaring inhabitants of Rowhedge was held at the White Lion, Rowhedge, on Wednesday, October 28, to consider the best means to be taken to obtain good and sufficient lights for the river Colne and Swin Spitway…..The meeting was largely and influentially attended…Captain James Simons said he had navigated the river in and out for 38 years, and could not be sure of his course on a dark night. He was of the opinion that a light should be placed on the Colne Bar Buoy. (Hear, hear). – Captain Turner Barnard concurred.”

ESSEX COUNTY TELEGRAPH – Tuesday 27 August 1912 - “ROWHEDGE FLOWER SHOW – The success which has hitherto attended the annual show in connection with East Donyland and Rowhedge Horticultural and Industrial Society was none the less marked this year, for the committee worked assiduously to surpass all previous records”. Brewery meadow, no date given. Prizes;

Throwing a cricket ball – 2nd ; Mrs. E. Knights.

Loaf of bread – 2nd; Mrs. R. Simons.

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 4 January 1913 - ROWHEDGE – “LADIES’ LEAGUE SOCIAL – On Tuesday, Dec. 31, a social arranged by the Conservative and Unionist Ladies’ League was held in the White Lion Assembly Rooms. Both sections of the large hall had to be utilised to accommodate the large gathering. Some good dances were arranged, and songs and other amusements made the evening pass all too quickly…Mr. E. Knights rendered a violin solo…”

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 8 February 1913 - ROWHEDGE – “R.A.O.B. SMOKING CONCERT – On Saturday evening, Feb. 1, the R.A.O.B. Albion Lodge, No.1377, held a smoking concert at the Albion Hotel, Mr. H.J. Webb presiding over a large company. Among those who contributed songs, etc, were Messrs R. Cranfield, T. Barnard, and L. Simons….The proceeds were in aid of the Essex County Hospital.”

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 23 August 1913 - “EAST DONYLAND AND ROWHEDGE FLOWER SHOW – AN INCREASE IN ENTRIES – East Donyland and Rowhedge Horticultural and Industrial Society held their annual show on Thursday in the Brewery meadow, Rowhedge, by kind permission of Dr. Haven. The entries numbered 450…The quality of the exhibits was worthy of praise, and especially the flowers. Athletic sports were held, which took the attention of the visitors, and there was an open quoit tournament for a challenge cup and an open shooting competition for a silver cup. In the evening, too, dancing took place in Water Tower Grounds, and there was a confetti battle. On the show ground, too, there was a cocoa-nut shy and a set of swing boats….Mr. H.M. Scrutton was the Hon. Secretary of the show…”

Prizes; Bottle of home-made wine; 1st prize; Mrs. C. Simons.”

Decorated basket of flowers -  1st prize; Miss. E. Simons.

Wool mats (unlined) – 1st prize; Miss. E. Simons.”

Prizes; Mrs. E.G. Knights –

Home-made plain cake – 1st prize.

Home-made fruit cake – 1st prize.

Boiled potatoes – 1st prize.

Table decorations (open) – 3rd prize.”

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 28 November 1914 - EAST DONYLAND – “WHIST DRIVE – A successful whist drive organised by the Conservative and Unionist Ladies’ League was held in the Adult Room on Thursday, November 26….” Winners included Mr. W. Simons.

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 15 May 1915 - ROWHEDGE – “WHIST DRIVE – A whist drive, organised by Mrs. W. T. Crickmore, Mrs. E. Knights, Mrs. D. James, Mrs. Arthur Cranfield, Mrs. King, and the Misses. Pearson, was held on Saturday, May 8, in the Adult School room.”


Back row – John Watcham, Teddy Crickmore, unknown, Walter Oxton, George Robinson, David Radford, Roger Sparling, Frank Butcher, Walter Southgate.

Middle row – Capt. Bartholomew Smith, Stephen Cranfield, Ruth Knights, General Croker, Ernest Knights, Fred Goodchild, Louis Gredley, Mr. Everitt.

Front row – Ipey Aldridge, unknown, unknown, Fred Rose, Mr. McLean, unknown, Jack Fookes

Flower Show Committee, Rowhedge c.1920.

CHELMSFORD CHRONICLE – Friday 1 June 1928. “DONYLAND ENTERPRISE. EIGHT-ACRE PLAYING FIELD. East Donyland’s recreation ground, seven acres in extent, and provided under the National Playing Fields movement, was on Saturday, opened by Mr. C. Wreford brown, in the unavoidable absence of Sir Arthur Crosfield, bart., Chairman of the Council of the National Playing Fields Association. Mr. W.W. Oxton contributed 1½ acres, which he has had laid as a bowling green and tennis courts, while the children have their special corner, with swings and a see-saw. The further 5½ acres, suitable for cricket, etc., have cost £600. Towards this £270 has been collected, £300 represents the contribution from the rates, and the deficit of £30 is expected to be met by the County Association. Forming a boundary for the ground are 28 trees dedicated to the memory of the Rowhedge men who fell in the war, while around the ground are seats, given by local organisations, Mrs. Muir, Mrs. Cranfield, and Mrs. Goodrum.

For the opening ceremony a procession was formed at the Three Crowns, and proceeded to the ground, headed by the band of the Royal Eastern Counties’ Institution. Mr. J.H. Butcher (hon. sec. of the Rowhedge branch of the National Playing Fields Association) called upon Mr. W.W. Oxton, the local president, to hand the deed of the gift of the land which he had generously given to the scheme. He pointed out that the cost to the donor had been over £300. The East Donyland Recreation ground was one of the first playing fields to be opened in Essex under the Association’s new scheme.

Mr. Oxton, in handing over the deed to Mr. J.P. Watsham, chairman of the Donyland Parish Council, said there was one condition only attached to it, that the ground should for all time be open for outdoor sports. It was his contribution to an open space where the children could learn the finest of things, the games of life. He was only a partner in the scheme, for in 15 months they had collected £270 towards the recreation ground among a population of only 1,300 people. A balance of £27 which remained on the Prisoners of War Fund had been allocated to the ground, the Essex Playing Fields Association had generously transferred a loan of £20 into a gift, the Girl Guides had handed over £35, and other portions of the amount had been raised by school collections and from yacht-owners and residents. They had carried the whole village with them, and there had scarcely been a Jeremiah among them. (Applause). There remained upon the ground a debt of only £30.

Mr. Wreford Brown said it was a great thing to play games and play them in the real spirit. Every child now expected as a right to have his or her recreation, and it was the object of the Playing Fields movement that children and adults alike should have these opportunities so that they might be well fitted for the greater game of life. The movement had made enormous headway, and was rapidly achieving its object.

The opening of the Donyland ground was an occasion almost unique, because although Mr. Oxton had paved the way by his munificent gift, each one in the village had shared in a greater or less degree.

Miss Janet Butcher, daughter of the local hon. sec., presented Mr. Wreford Brown with a pair of silver scissors with which to cut the red, white, and blue ribbon that kept the gates closed, and the ground was then thrown open to the public. – Thanks to Mr. Wreford Brown were voiced by the Mayor of Colchester (Cr. E.H. Turner), who congratulated the village on its fine achievement. – Col. E.A. Loftus (hon. sec. of the Essex branch of the movement), seconding, said it was very pleasing to see in an English village that fine communal spirit which enabled everyone to work together as a happy family, and it was a great testimony to the value of sport. It would be his pleasure to ask the county branch to clear off the deficit of £30.

There was an interesting fancy dress parade, and prizes were awarded to : - Girls. 1. Early Victorian, Mary Nutter; 2. Window, Oundry Wilson; 3. Tennis, Miss A. Wilkinson; 4. Oranges and lemons, Marjory Clarke. – Boys. 1. Spring-cleaning, Cyril James; 2. Rajah, Basil Crosby; 3. Little Boy Blue, David Howell; 4. Brigand, Peter Simons. – Ladies. 1. Black Cat, Mrs. Doubleday; 2. Squaw, Miss Willsmore; 3. Elizabethan lady, Miss M.L. Ford. – Men. 1. “Departed spirits,” Mr. Jack McLean; 2. “Please Help the (W)Rec(k),” Mr. C. Dyer. – Cricket, tennis, and bowls were soon in full swing, and there were sports for the children.”


First photo - 


Back row: Nellie Cranfield, Florence Bruce, Sid Barrett, Beatrice Rose, Reggie Cranfield, Tom Barnard, Horace Cranfield, Peter Simons, Eric Springett, Winifred Cranfield, Betty Houston, Mrs. Brice, Rev. Brice.

Third row: Irene Warren, Ken Spinks, Florrie Isom.

Second row: Dorothy Cook, Mary Hewitson, Dorothy Dansie, Rosa Barrett, Ina Barr, Phyllis Hand, Audrey Weavers, Annie Hales.

Front row: Violet Cook, Marguerite Rayment, Daisy Cook, Maureen Spinks, Joan Hales, Peggy Warren.

Second photo - 

Peter Simons, Rosa Barrett, David Howell.

Date and occasion unknown. This might have been an annual event as a similar picture exists but with different people in the procession.

CHELMSFORD CHRONICLE – Friday 26 August 1938. “SHOW AT ROWHEDGE A fete and flower show were held on the Recreation Ground at Rowhedge on Saturday, under the auspices of the local branch of the National Playing Fields Association. Flowers, fruit and vegetables were highly commended by the judges. For the fancy dress parade the judges were Messrs. F. H. Butcher, D. Oxton, Dr. J. E. Heggart, and Major D. Webb. The winner of the challenge cup for the highest number of points in the industrial class, presented by Mr Oswald Lewis, M.P., was won by Mrs. J. Willmott; runner-up Mrs. J. Simons. The cup presented by Mr. S. H. Cranfield for the highest number of points in the vegetable class was won by Mr. A. Stiff; runner-up Mr. A. Ackling. Results:—F. Stiff, 9 firsts, 0 seconds, 1 third; S. H. Cranfield. 7, 3, 0; Mrs. Willmot, 4, 1, 2; H. Carter, 4, 2, 0; A. Ackling, 3, 5, 0; D. Lay. 3, 3, 0; Mrs. J. Simons, 2, 1, 1; Miss E. James, 2, 2, 0; J. Woods, 2, 5, 2; Diana Clements. 2, 0, 1; Alan Pearman, Ivy Wraith, 2 firsts; Mrs. Clements, 1, 2, 4; E. Taylor, 1, 1, 5; W. Southgate, L. James, B. Willmott, 1, 2, 0; Mrs. Bedford, 1, 1, 1; Mrs. P. Lay. C. Neale, 1, 1,0; Mrs. L. Smith, J. Simons, 1,0, 1; Mrs. Neville, Mrs. H. Carter. J. Harvey, Miss D. Sebborn, 1 first; Mrs. Wolley, 0, 2. 2; S. Bruce. 2 seconds; Mrs. G. Lynes, Mrs. A. Hillyard, Mrs S. Ennew, Dr. J. E. Heggart, 0, 1, 1; T. Benson, Mrs. A. Stiff. L. Southgate, Mrs. M. Hillyard, M. Warren, D. M. Cook, 1 second; H. Clements, P. King, 2 thirds; J. Willmot. C. Bedford. Mrs. C. Pearman, Mrs. R. Springett, R. Neville. B. D. Lay, Mrs. E. Cranfield. Mrs. D. M. Cook, I. Woods, 1 third Other results: Fancy dress parade.—Ladies (most original): 1, Miss D. Rayner (football results); Mrs. Qunet; 3, Mrs. C. Bedford (spirit of carnival). Ladies (comic): 1, Mrs. H. Allen (Princess Charming); 2, Mrs. Willmot (washerwoman); 3, Mrs. I. Major (M.P. without seat). Gentlemen (original): Mr. K Hillyard. Gentlemen (comic): 1, Mr. S. James. Children (original): 1, L. Cook; 2, R. James; 3, V. Benson. Children (comic): 1, K Benson; 2, Leslie James; 3, S. Neville. Sports results.—Under 7, 40 yards: 1, G. Wheeler; 2, D. Cobbold; 3, G. Coppin. Boys, 7-10, 60 yards: 1, B. Beales: 2, O. Clark; 3, B. Simons. —Girls, 7-10, 50 yards: 1, M. Smith; 2, Marie Hempstead; 3, E. Woods. —Sack race, open: 1, J. Willmott; 2, A. Woods; 3, C. Pearman. Three-legged race (under 14): 1, R. Saunders and A. Pearman; 2, J. Willmott and Eric Mills; 3, Eric Simons and P. Askew. —Tilt the bucket: 1, E. Mills arid J. Willmott; 2, D. Wheeler and T. Barnard. —Cigarette and tie race: 1, Mr. and Mrs. J. Cross; 2, Doreen Doubleday and J. Butcher: 3, Miss D. Rayner and B. Wakeland —Pillow fighting: 1, L. Collins; 2, J. Wilmott.—Tug-of-war, boys under 14: 1, D. Cranfield's team. —Flat race, boys 10-14, 100 yards: 1, D. Parker; 2, R. Saunders; 3, J. Willmott. —Ditto, girls 10-14: 1. Christine Springett; 2, B. Woolnough; 3, M. Warren. —High jump, girls under 14: 1. J. Hooren; 2, M. Hands.—Ditto, boys: 1, R. Saunders; 2. J. Willmott. High jump, open: 1, J. Butcher; 2, C. Burt: 3, H. Lee.—Slow cycle race: 1, H. Lee; 2, G. Larter; 3, J. Willmott. Tug-of-war: Butcher's team beat M. Springett's team. The sale of fruit by mock auction resulted in £1/12/6, Mr. W. Simm being the auctioneer.”

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