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EVENING STAR (Ipswich) – Monday 27 September 1897 – “YACHTING – Mr. E. Walter Greene’s fine steam yacht Wild Wave arrived in Colne during the week, and on Saturday went up to the Donyland Shipyard at Rowhedge. There are rumours that Mr. Greene is likely to have a larger boat built shortly.” Wild Wave was sold in 1897.


Sunflower - Launch .jpg

No crew lists are known to exist for Sir (Edward) Walter Greene's Sunflower but those for his new steam yacht Agatha show that at least five local men were among Sunflower's crew in 1904:-


Arthur B. SIMONS, age 50, born Essex. Of; Rowhedge, Essex. Last served in; Sunflower of Southampton. Cook. Wages per week; £1.15/-


Averon C. POWELL, age 25, born Essex. Of; Rowhedge, Essex. Last served in; Sunflower of Southampton. 2nd Steward. Wages; £1.5/- & found.


Lewis POWELL, age 26, born Essex. Of; Rowhedge, Essex. Last served in; Sunflower of Southampton. Boatswain. Wages; £1.8/-


Frederick WILLSMORE, age 22, born Essex. Of; Rowhedge, Essex. Last served in; Sunflower of Southampton. Fireman. Wages; £1.8/-


Augustus WADE, age 52, born Essex. Of; Wyvenhoe, Essex. Last served in; Sunflower of Southampton. A.B. Wages; £1.7/-

YACHTING WORLD - 3 June 1898 - "SOUTHAMPTON - Sunflower, the new steam yacht built by Messrs. Day, Summers & Co., for Mr. Walter Greene, went for a trial of her machinery on Thursday, and returned to the yard."

SHIELDS DAILY NEWS – Monday 25 July 1898 – “SHIPPING CASUALTIES. Cowes, Saturday.- Yacht Sunflower, of Southampton, reports having been in collision with yacht Ilona in Cowes Roads this morning, and sustained damages to davits, timbers, &c.”

YACHTING WORLD - 29 July 1898 - "COWES - Sunflower, s.y., has arrived in the river for repairs to bulwarks, rail, & etc., having been in collision."

ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY PRESS – Saturday 30 July 1898 – “At the same yard [Marvin’s] they are putting a new rail and taffrail to the new steam yacht Sunflower, which has been run into by another yacht.”

DEVON AND EXETER GAZETTE – Friday 12 August 1898 – “SHIPPING. TORQUAY – Sunflower, 180 [tons], Mr. E.W. Greene, from Cowes.”

SUFFOLK AND ESSEX FREE PRESS – Wednesday 28 September 1898 – “We learn that Mr. and Mrs. E. Walter Greene have returned to Nether Hall, Pakenham, from a long cruise in the Sunflower. The latter yacht is now laid up at Ipswich.”


ESSEX STANDARD – Saturday 3 June 1899 – “HARWICH – Bright weather prevailed during Yacht Sunday at Harwich, but the wind was still from the north-east, and piercingly cold…. Amongst those in the harbour:- Sunflower, s.s., 293 tons, Mr. E. Walter Greene.”

HAMPSHIRE ADVERTISER – Saturday 17 June 1899 – Sunflower at Southampton.


BURY AND NORWICH POST – Tuesday 27 June 1899 – “SOCIAL & PERSONAL GOSSIP – Mr. and Mrs. E. Walter Greene and family have left Nether Hall for Skipness Castle, Argyllshire, the journey being made from Holyhead in Mr. Greene’s splendid new yacht Sunflower.

HAMPSHIRE ADVERTISER – Saturday 7 July 1900 – Sunflower at Southampton.

TORQUAY TIMES – Friday 17 August 1900 – “YACHTING NEWS – The following yachts have visited the harbour since the date of our last issue:- Sunflower, s.y., 293, Sir E. Greene.”

HAMPSHIRE ADVERTISER – Saturday 11 August 1900 – Sunflower at Southampton.


EASTERN DAILY PRESS – Monday 8 April 1901 – “The East Donyland Shipyards Company…. Sunflower, Sir E. Walter Greene, M.P., is also being fitted out and repaired in the same yard….”


HAMPSHIRE ADVERTISER – Saturday 25 May 1901 – Sunflower at Southampton.


DARTMOUTH & SOUTH HAMS CHRONICLE – Friday 7 June 1901 – “YACHTING: On the station during the week – (inc.) Sunflower, s.s., Mr. Greene.”


HAMPSHIRE ADVERTISER – Saturday 8 June 1901, Saturday 15 June, 22 June, 29 June 1901 – Sunflower at Southampton.


HAMPSHIRE ADVERTISER – Saturday 6 July 1901 – Sunflower at Southampton.

EVENING STAR [Ipswich] – Saturday 5 October 1901 – “YACHTS IN THE COLNE. With the finish of the yachting season, nearly all of the largest vessels which winter in the Colne have taken up their berths. Amongst these are the Sunflower (Capt. Powell), the largest yacht that comes so far up the river. She belongs to Sir Edward Green, of Nether Hall, Bury St. Edmund’s. The Normania (Capt. Cranfield), like the Sunflower, has been cruising round Scotland, as also has the Bertha. The Cicely (Capt. J. Cranfield) has been for a cruise down Channel; she won the German Emperor’s Cup two years ago, and her owner, Mr. C. Quentin, of Liphook, Hants, is building another yacht to compete for the trophy a second time. Other yachts whch have returned after spending most of the summer down Channel are – Mr. Beard’s Ildegonda (Capt. J. Springett), the Daydream (Capt. Martin), the Gudrun (Capt. Thomasin), the Merrythought (Capt. Brown), and the Alanna (Capt. Wade).”


HAMPSHIRE ADVERTISER – Saturday 15 March 1902 – Sunflower at Southampton.


EAST ANGLIAN DAILY TIMES – Thursday 27 March 1902 – SHIPBUILDING AT WIVENHOE. The shipbuilding trade is extremely brisk just now at Wivenhoe, and many important orders are being executed at the fine yard of Messrs. Forrestt and Sons, Limited…. Several yachts, including the Sunflower are coming in for re-fitting, etc.”

SOUTHERN ECHO – Thursday 3 July 1902 – “Sunflower, s.y., Sir A. Walter Green (sic) is repairing damage received to her stern through having been run into by another vessel.”


NORFOLK CHRONICLE – Saturday 13 September 1902 – “LOWESTOFT – Sir E. Walter Greene’s fine steam yacht Sunflower, 295 tons, 146 feet long and 21 feet beam, has arrived at Lowestoft. Her appearance has attracted considerable attention.”

THE SCOTSMAN – Monday 24 August 1903 – “ELECTION NEWS – ARGYLLSHIRE ELECTION. On Saturday Mr. Charles Stewart [the Unionist candidate] addressed a number of meetings at ports on Loch Fyne, which he visited in the steam yacht Sunflower, placed at his disposal by Sir Walter Greene, M.P. for Bury St. Edmunds, who is a member of the Royal Yacht Squadron. The first meeting was held in the church at Lochgair, and was well attended [fishing community] … the next meeting was held at Minard [Sir Walter spoke in support of Mr. Stewart]…. Mr. Stewart proceeded further up the loch to the quarrying village of Furnace….”

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 10 December 1904 - “EAST DONYLAND - DECEASE - Flags have been flying at half-mast in Rowhedge in consequence of the death of Captain J. Powell, one of the best-known yacht skippers of this parish. The sad event took place at his residence in Albion Street, the end being not unexpected. Capt. Powell had been in failing health for some months; indeed it was doubtful if he would be able to finish the last season’s yachting cruise. Deceased was possessed of a deep, resonant voice, and was a true type of a British sea-dog. He had had a life of many and varied experiences. In his younger days he formed one of the crew of Lord Brassey’s famous yacht Sunbeam, which cruised round the world. Up to the close of his life he was captain of Sir Walter Greene’s fine steam yacht Sunflower, of which he was justly proud. He was about 68 years of age, and leaves a widow and four grown-up sons. The funeral took place on Thursday, in the parish churchyard.”

Sir Edward Walter Greene, 1st Baronet (14 March 1842 – 27 February 1920) was a British brewer, Conservative politician, and High Sheriff of Norfolk in 1897. He stood for parliament at the 1900 general election and was elected unopposed as Member of Parliament for Bury St Edmunds. Made a Baronet on 21 June 1900, he lived at Nether Hall in the Parish of Thurston, Suffolk.

Sunflower - From an album of Greene family photos

s.y. Sunflower 02 2-Colorized.png
s.y. Sunflower 01 2-Colorized.png
s.y. Sunflower 03-Colorized.jpg

Sir Walter & Lady Greene on board Sunflower

s.y. Sunflower 04-Colorized.jpg
s.y. Sunflower 05-Colorized.jpg

By 1905 Sunflower had a new owner who changed her name to Garland, pictured below in 1913. 

Garland RSYC - formerly Sunflower-Colori

Unnamed Garland crewman

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