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Clothing Factories

ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD - Friday 6 November 1915 - “NEW CLOTHING FACTORY - To celebrate the opening of their new clothing factory at Rowhedge, Messrs. T.B. and E.H. Turner (proprietors of the Colchester Manufacturing Co.) on Wednesday, November 1, entertained their Rowhedge employees and a considerable number of friends to supper in the handsome new building erected by Messrs. Everett and Son, Colchester, to the plans of Mr. Duncan Clark.

An excellent repast was provided by Messrs. Wright Bros., of Colchester, for about 180 guests, who included Capt. and Mrs. E.H. Goodrum, Mr. T.B. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Turner, Miss. Ethel Turner, Mr. H.P. Turner, Miss. M. Gunn, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Clark, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Thomas, several members of the Colchester staff and their wives, all the Rowhedge factory workers and their friends, most of the outworkers in the village, together with representatives of the staffs of Messrs. Everett and Son (the builders), and Messrs. Davey, Paxman and Co. (engineers), and Mr. Copper (Colchester Gas Company).

Mr. Bentley Turner extended a cordial welcome to all, and alluded to the fact that many of those present had been employed by the firm for a great many years. He expressed a wish that the pleasant relations which had always existed between the firm and their employees might long continue, and that the fine room which they were inaugurating that evening might be a boon and advantage to them all. He expressed his thanks to Mr. E.H. Goodrum (their landlord) for assisting the firm in the erection of their new factory (which provides accommodation for over 200), and hoped that in a very short time the room would be full of workers. He congratulated the architect, builders, engineers, and all concerned on the successful result of their labours.

Mr. E.H. Goodrum responded, and said that as landlord he was very proud of the new factory, and wished the firm every success. When he first undertook to build the place, he had no idea such a large room would be required; but arrangements had been made with Mr. Turner, and the result they saw around them that evening.

Mr. Edgar Jones, on behalf of all those present, proposed a vote of thanks to the firm for their hospitality, remarking that it was an evening which would be remembered by them all. An excellent musical entertainment was provided, the artistes including Messrs. Graham and Bentley) of Clacton-on-Sea), Miss. Ethel Turner, Mr. Duncan Clark, Mr. H.P. Turner, and Mrs. C. Dann.”

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