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Skipper William Wadley Cranfield & Colne crew.
Yarana's successes attracted the attention of Lord Dunraven who signed up Capt. Cranfield for his cutter Valkyrie and her successors Valkyrie II & Valkyrie III, challengers for the America's Cup. Capt. Cranfield, of course, took his crew of Colne men with him.

THE TIMES - 23 May 1888 - “THE COMING YACHT RACING SEASON - ... The Yarana is from a design by Mr. G.L. Watson, and she is a vessel singularly like the Thistle above water, so is not wanting for good looks. She has been built to the order of Mr. P. Ralli by Messrs. Henderson and Co., of Partick, and is 65ft.on the water line by 15ft beam. She will not have so much sail spread by about 250 square feet as her rival, the Petronilla, but we believe her displacement is less. The Yarana will be sailed by W. Cranfield, who had charge of the May in that vessel’s most successful season. She will sail her maiden race next Saturday...”



YARANA - OFFICIAL NUMBER; 95053. No  known crew lists for William's time as skipper.




THE ESSEX STANDARD - Saturday 2 June 1888 - “THE ROYAL HARWICH YACHT CLUB - THE ANNUAL CARNIVAL - Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were great days not only in the yachting world but for Harwich in particular, as the annual regatta of the Royal Harwich Club, and the customary Channel races of the New Thames Yacht Club had been arranged, which drew a large fleet of well-known racing and pleasure craft to the harbour.... THE CHANNEL MATCH FROM SOUTHEND TO HARWICH  [on Saturday 26 May] - This match was as usual organised by the New Thames Yacht Club, the race taking place on Saturday. Two specimens of the latest type of racing craft were on trial, and one of them it is said gave a very remarkable display of speed. There was no weight in the wind, but the match was trustworthy enough as a light weather test, for flukes did not abound. The new Yarana is unquestionably an extremely fast vessel. The Yarana was built for Mr. Ralli from a design by Mr. G. L. Watson, and in the hull above water she is simply a facsimile of the Thistle. She had the best trial possible in having the Irex for an opponent, but she proved equal to holding last season’s crack yacht even on a reach, while she fairly beat her to windward and running dead to leeward. The Yarana went with great life, and judging from the way she “hugged” she has more grip than the Thistle. She has yet to gain her laurels in hard weather. She went beautifully clean through the water on Saturday, looked a picture under canvas, and was admirably sailed by William Cranfield. Subjoined are details of the race:- CHANNEL MATCH, from Southend to Harwich, leaving all the Gunfleet buoys, the West Rocks, and Cork Sand buoys, and the Cork light vessel on the port hand, finishing at a mark boat anchored off the inner buoy of the North-West Ridge. First prize, £50; second prize, £25. Yacht Racing Association rules and time allowances for a 50-mile course. To sail in cruising trim. Starters:- Irex, cutter, rating 99, Mr. J. Jameson; Yarana, cutter, 60, Mr. P. Ralli; Petronilla, cutter, 60, Earl of Dunraven; Neptune, 40, Mr. T. W. Birchall.

The start was not made until 10.30, when a slight chilly breeze from the north-north-east was drawing off the Maplins and a dull leaden sky made the outlook rather cheerless. The four vessels were under large working canvas, and between the preparatory and starting guns came sailing up to the line with sheets just checked, the prospect being that the Mouse would be made before breaking the tacks. The Yarana was first through with Irex under her lee quarter, and away wide towards the weather shore Neptune had Petronilla in the stream of her wake. Flying jibs were on all, and Irex with good way on appeared likely to force a passage through the lee of the Yarana. A puff, however, sent the new Scotch boat streaking along, and Irex, which might have been kept wider off, soon dropped lengths astern. Meanwhile the Petronilla had luffed out and gone by to windward of Neptune, and catching a travelling streak from off the sands she came along with a curl under the lee bow and presently dropped down on Irex, this covering so far steadying the speed of Mr. Jameson’s ship that the old Neptune ranged up broad on her weather beam. To avoid the flood, which had two hours to run, the course was laid well inside the  line of the Shoebury buoys. The Knock was passed by the Yarana at 10.44, Petronilla being second, with Irex wide under the lee quarter. The Neptune came reaching down the line Petronilla had sailed. The Mouse was just tending to the ebb stream as they broke off between the Blacktail and the south-east buoy of the Maplin Sands, and headed across the entrance to the West Swin. The Yarana had forereached the Petronilla a trifle, but the latter was yet threatening her weather quarter. Irex, who had shifted her working topsail for the jackyarder, was a good step astern, but coming up hand over hand directly a puff took her. It was not until 12.45 that the port tack they had started on from Southend was broken, and Yarana was first to come round between the Mouse light vessel and the head of the sand. She easily crossed the Petronilla, which held on until she could come round on the weather quarter of the leader. Yarana did not go out far in the West Swin, and when she stood in towards the West Barrow it was evident which was the more weatherly of the pair, as Mr. Ralli’s cutter had doubled her lead to windward. It was a close thing between the Irex and Petronilla in regard to time, for the second prize. Petronilla was within her allowance at the Cork Lightship, but she did not maintain her advantage, and the prizes went in order of arrival. The official times of finish were as follows:- Yarana (winner) 5h.51m.13s; Irex (second prize) 6h.1m.43s; Petronilla 6h.17m.10s. Neptune not timed.”



ALSO - ROYAL HARWICH YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Monday 28 May  – 1.Irex 2.Yarana 3.Petronilla


THE TIMES – Monday 4 June 1888 - “YACHTING – ROYAL THAMES YACHT CLUB MATCHES – [on Saturday 2 June] MATCH for yachts belonging to any Royal or recognized yacht club exceeding a rating of 40. First prize £70; second prize £30. Course, from the Lower Hope, round the Mouse Lightship, and return to Gravesend……1st Yarana 2h.40m.50s; 2nd Petronilla 2h.54m.50s; 3rd Irex 2h.55m.10s; Leander, not timed.”


THE TIMES – Wednesday 6 June 1888 - “YACHTING – ROYAL LONDON YACHT CLUB MATCHES – A hard easterly wind, gloomy sky, and a heavy rainfall during part of the afternoon had the effect of rendering yacht-racing on the Lower Thames yesterday far from an enjoyable pastime.… The Yarana fairly slipped her rival at the start, and it was really wonderful to see her turn away on the long beat down Sea Reach to the Mouse....  MATCH for yachts exceeding 40 rating. First prize, £60. Course, from the Lower Hope, round the West Oaze Buoy, and thence to Gravesend. The times of arrival were:- Yarana (winner) 6h.5m.6s; Petronilla 6h.20m.0s.”


THE TIMES – Thursday 7 June 1888 - “YACHTING – NEW THAMES YACHT CLUB MATCHES – A more striking difference in regard to wind and weather between yesterday and Tuesday could hardly have been possible. In place of a blusterous easterly wind and wintry atmosphere an almost flat calm prevailed until the shadows had fallen well eastward, and the atmosphere was hazy and decidedly close….. The Yarana had already established an exceptional reputation, yet yesterday’s performance added lustre to even her most brilliant victory. She took the lead, and kept it in calms, catspaws, and the best of the breezing up, and her sailing certainly eclipsed the most remarkable show in the racing annals of the Thistle.

MATCH, open to yachts belonging to any recognized yacht club exceeding nine rating. Course from the Lower Hope round the Mouse Light Vessel and return to Gravesend. Time allowance for rig and rating for a 50 miles course. Flying start.

Yarana (winner) 8h.4m.14s; Petronilla (second prize) 8h.24m.23s; Irex 8h.27m.30s; May 8h.36m. 45s.”

THE TIMES – Monday 11 June 1888 - “YACHTING – ROYAL THAMES YACHT CLUB – [Match on Saturday 9 June] Many famous matches have been sailed from the Nore down the back of the Goodwin Sands to Dover, and in a heavy blow it is the most trying course which is raced over during the season. On Saturday last a strong south-wester conclusively tested the hard-weather qualities of the yachts engaged, and the Irex came out the winner. It was not a hollow victory, however, over the Yarana, and the latter has gone better; still the Yarana well beat the Petronilla and easily saved her time on the forties, which the latter failed to do.

CHANNEL MATCH, from the Nore to Dover, leaving the West Oaze Buoy on the port hand, the Shivering Buoy and the Tongue Lightship on the starboard hand, passing outside all the lightships and marks on the Goodwin Sands, and winning in Dover Bay between a flagboat and the Admiralty Pier. Open to all yachts, of any rig exceeding 15 rating, belonging to any recognized yacht club in the United Kingdom, or the New York or Havre yacht clubs. First prize £100; second prize, £40; third prize, £20. The times of arrival were as follows:- Irex (winner) 4h.47m.10s; Yarana (2nd prize) 5h.7m.56s; Petronilla 5h.14m.15s; Neptune 5h.22m.6s; Mohawk 5h.25m.45s; May 5h.30m. 52s; Leander, not timed.”


THE TIMES – Monday 18 June 1888 - “SPORTING INTELLIGENCE – YACHTING – Mr. P.A. Ralli’s cutter Yarana left Cowes last Thursday for Liverpool. She has been entered for both the open races at Liverpool.”


THE TIMES – Friday 22 June 1888 - “YACHTING – ROYAL MERSEY YACHT CLUB REGATTA -  Fine weather prevailed yesterday in Liverpool Bay, but the winds were unsteady and the sailing unreliable. The Irex took a long lead of Yarana while going free, but the latter, favoured by a partial wind, passed the Irex and won by time. There was no merit at all, however, in the victory.

MATCH for yachts above 40 rating. Prize, £60. Course from off New Brighton, round the Bar and the North-West Lightships, thence round the West Hoyle Buoy, and back round the Bar Lightship to the starting line. Time allowance for a 47 mile course. The times of arrival were:- Irex, cutter, 55 rating, owner Mr. J. Jameson, 4h. 14m. 7s; Yarana, cutter, 60 rating, owner Mr. P.A. Ralli, 4h. 15m. 24s. Yarana winning by time.”


THE TIMES – Saturday 23 June 1888 - “YACHTING – ROYAL MERSEY YACHT CLUB REGATTA – The weather was dull and the wind very unsteady at Liverpool yesterday.

MATCH for yachts above 40 rating. [the same prize and course as the previous race]. The Irex took the lead, and was a long way ahead in the run to the North-West Lightship and in the beat back to the Bar. There was not enough water for her, however, but Yarana, which was about 10 min. astern, pushed through and was home first, Neptune being second.


THE TIMES – Monday 2 July 1888 - “YACHTING – ROYAL CLYDE YACHT CLUB REGATTA – [Match on Saturday 30 June] With a Queen’s Cup granted to the Royal Clyde this season, the club was enabled to put forward a more than usually attractive programme, and the regatta, which began on Saturday, opened what is known as the Clyde fortnight. It was, unfortunately for the racing, a typical summer day on the Firth in regard to weather; the breezes flying about in the most perplexing and vexatious way….The match between the Yarana and Irex was a one-sided victory for the former, owing to the Irex lying for hours becalmed.”


THE TIMES – Tuesday 3 July 1888 - “YACHTING – ROYAL CLYDE REGATTA – Rain fell in methodical fashion yesterday on the Clyde, and the breeze was of full working topsail strength. The Irex demonstrated that she is without her peer in a full and steady breeze, as she gave Yarana her time, and to spare over the course.

MATCH for Her Majesty’s Cup, open to any rig exceeding 20 Yacht Racing Association rating, belonging to any Royal or recognized yacht club. Course – from off Hunter’s Quay round flag boats off Skelmorlie, Ascog, and Kilcreggan, and back to Hunter’s Quay, twice round. Time allowance for a 50 miles course. The times at the finish were:- Irex (winner) 4h. 33m. 10s; Yarana 4h. 47m. 5s; Neptune, not timed.”


THE TIMES – Monday 9 July 1888 - “ROYAL NORTHERN YACHT CLUB REGATTA – There was a large fleet of yachts in Rothesay Bay on Saturday, when the regatta of the premier Scotch club was commenced. The day opened calm and misty, but about noon a soft south-west breeze drew up the Clyde, and a delightfully fine afternoon followed…Proceedings commenced with a match between the Irex and Yarana, and in the prevailing light airs the latter held the lead and won very easily. Only one round was completed.

MATCH for yachts exceeding 40. Y.R.A. rating. First prize, £50. Course twice round flag boats off Mount Stuart, Largs, and Skelmorlie and a distance to Largs and back. Distance 50 miles. Irex allows Yarana 12min. 20sec. They started at 10.30. After lying becalmed for some time, Yarana rounded Skelmorlie at 3h. 18m. 23sec. and Irex at 3h. 28m. 50sec. In the end the race was stopped by the commodore, and Yarana by her victory gained her 11th winning flag. The finish was:- Yarana (winner) 4h. 21m. 5s; Irex 4h. 33m. 5s.”


THE TIMES – Tuesday 10 July 1888 - “ROYAL NORTHERN YACHT CLUB REGATTA – [Match on Monday 9 July] There was some sterling sport on the second day of the Royal Northern Regatta; in fact, it was the best sailing time during the Clyde season. Irex gave the Yarana a most excellent beating. The winner has before been credited with a remarkable performance round the same course. There was a pinch by the wind both times from Largs to Skelmorlie home, and the distance from Largs to Rothesay was a dead beat. It was a highly creditable victory. First prize, £80 [the same course as the previous race]. Irex arrived the winner at 4h. 10m., Yarana being fully 25 minutes astern, but she did not cross the finishing line.”


THE TIMES – Thursday 12 July 1888 - “YACHTING – ROYAL LARGS YACHT CLUB REGATTA – The Clyde racing season came to a conclusion on Tuesday in boisterous weather. The Irex repeated her victory of the day previous by giving the Yarana a most decisive beating. The wind was strong in the morning from the westward and kept steady in force, but not quite true in direction. It was a fairly-sailed race, and Irex won by superior speed. In fact, it has been demonstrated beyond question during the Clyde fortnight that Yarana is overmatched by Irex in anything stronger than a working topsail breeze. Honours have been divided by the two vessels since the Royal Mersey Regatta, as they have won three prizes each. MATCH for 70 sovs., open to all yachts exceeding 40 Yacht Racing Association rating. Course – from Largs twice round a flag-boat of Wemyss Pier, the Barnhilt Buoy, and marks at Mount Stuart and Largs, with a distance to Rothesay Bay and back to Largs; 50 miles. Irex finished at 3hours 24min. 47sec; Yarana was about 18min. astern, but did not cross the winning line to be timed.”


THE TIMES -  Saturday 14 July 1888 - “YACHTING – ROYAL ULSTER YACHT CLUB REGATTA – After a long spell of strong winds there came a change yesterday in the North of Ireland, the wind backing to the north-east and bringing very paltry weather….In the first match the Yarana showed to Irish yachtsmen what a marvel she is in American yachting weather. As leading boat, she was favoured with the first of all the wandering airs, and Irex simply had a hopeless stern chase. At the end of the first round the timing was:- Yarana 2h. 20m. 43s; Irex 2h. 55m. 29s. Irex gave up off the North Briggs, the race finishing at 5h. 31min., with Yarana winner of a lifeless and unsatisfactory trial.”



Royal Ulster Yacht Club Regatta on Saturday 14 July  – Yarana beat Irex

Royal Alfred Yacht Club Regatta on Tuesday 17 July  – 1.Yarana 2.Vanduara 3.Irex

Royal St. George’s Yacht Club Regatta on Wednesday 18 July  – Irex beat Yarana (gave up)

Royal Cornwall Yacht Club Regatta on Monday 23 July  – Petronilla beat Yarana

Royal Western Yacht Club Regatta on Wednesday 25 July  – Yarana beat Petronilla

Port of Plymouth Royal Regatta on Thurs 26 July – 1.Yarana 2.Petronilla 3.Mohawk 4.  Neptune

Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club Regatta on Friday 27 July  – Petronilla (owned by Lord Dunraven) declared winner, race stopped after first round due to bad weather

Royal London Yacht Club Regatta on Monday 6 August  – 1.Yarana 2.Irex 3.Petronilla

Royal Yacht Squadron Regatta on Wednesday 8 August  – Race took so long it finished in daylight the following day. Placings not recorded.

Royal Southampton Yacht Club Regatta on Saturday 11 August – 1.Yarana 2.Irex 3. Petronilla

Royal Albert Yacht Club Regatta on Monday 13 August  – Irex beat Yarana

Royal Victoria Yacht Club Regatta on Tuesday 14 August  – Neptune winner, Foxhound (Lemon Cranfield) 5th, Yarana 6th

Royal Victoria Yacht Club Regatta on Wednesday 15 August  – 1.Irex 2.Yarana 3.Petronilla

Royal Victoria Yacht Club Regatta on Thursday 16 August  – Yarana winner of the Town Cup, beating Petronilla and Vreda

Royal Victoria Yacht Club Regatta on Friday 17 August  – Irex beat Yarana

Royal Dorset Yacht Club Regatta on Saturday 25 August  – Yarana beat Irex

Royal Torbay Regatta on Monday 27 August  – Irex beat Yarana

Royal Dart Yacht Club Regatta on Friday 31 August  – 1.Yarana 2.Irex and 3.Petronilla

Channel Match from Dartmouth to Southsea on Saturday 1 September  – Yarana beat Foxhound (Lemon Cranfield) into second place. Six starters.

Irex winning the Royal Albert Cup at Southsea 1888




Monday 1 April  – Yarana being prepared at Wivenhoe

Monday 6 May – Yarana nearly ready, new sails, re-coppered

New Thames Yacht Club Match on Wednesday 22 May  – Result not ready, but likely to be 1. Deerhound 2. Vreda 3. Yarana

Royal London Yacht Club on Thursday 23 May – Valkyrie beat Yarana, Irex did not finish

Royal Thames Yacht Club on Friday 24 May  – 1.Valkyrie 2.Yarana 3.Irex


New Thames Yacht Club Channel Race to Harwich on Sat 25 May – 1.Valkyrie 2. Irex 3.Yarana

Royal Harwich Regatta on Monday 27 May  – 1.Valkyrie 2.Yarana 3.Irex

Royal Thames Yacht Club Channel Matches on Saturday 1 June – 1.Valkyrie 2.Deerhound 3.Yarana 4.Irex

Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club Regatta on Monday 3 June  – 1.Irex 2.Yarana 3.Valkyrie

Royal Cork Yacht Club Regatta on Monday 17 June  – 1.Valkyrie 2.Yarana 3.Deerhound

Royal Cork Yacht Club Regatta on Tuesday 18 June  – Queen’s Cup Race started this morning and did not finish until 5am. the following morning, Vreda beating Valkyrie (Yarana’s placing not given), Deerhound and Irex gave up on Tuesday evening

Royal Mersey Yacht Club Regatta on Monday 24 June– 1.Yarana 2.Valkyrie 3.Irex 4. Deerhound

Royal Largs Yacht Club Regatta on Friday 28 June  – 1.Valkyrie 2.Yarana 3.Irex 4.Marjorie

Royal Northern Yacht Club Regatta on Saturday 29 June  – 1.Yarana 2.Valkyrie

Royal Northern Yacht Club Regatta on Monday 1 July  – 1.Valkyrie 2.Yarana. Irex gave up

Royal Clyde Yacht Club Regatta on Saturday 6 July – 1.Irex 2.Valkyrie 3.Marjorie 4.Yarana

Royal Ulster Yacht Club Regatta on Friday 12 July – 1.Yarana 2.Valkyrie 3.Irex 4.Deerhound

Royal Ulster Yacht Club Regatta on Saturday 13 July  – 1.Yarana 2.Irex 3.Valkyrie 4.Deerhound

Royal Alfred Yacht Club Match on Tuesday 16 July  – Yarana holder of the Champions Cup – Yarana v. Irex, Yarana winning on time and retaining the trophy

Royal Irish Yacht Club Regatta on Wednesday 17 July  – 1.Yarana 2.Valkyrie 3.Irex

Royal Irish Yacht Club Regatta on Thursday 18 July  – 1.Yarana 2.Valkyrie. Irex gave up

Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club on Tuesday 23 July  – Dover to Ostend – 1.Yarana 2.Deerhound

Royal Ostend Yacht Club on Monday 29 July  – Races postponed from the previous week due to bad weather were held today 1.Yarana 2.Amphitrite 3.Wendur 4.Vol-au-Vent (Lemon Cranfield)

Royal London Yacht Club Regatta on Tuesday 30 July– As of this evening Wendur and Yarana had not arrived from Ostend

Royal London Yacht Club Regatta on Wednesday 31 July  – 1.Valkyrie 2.Yarana 3.Irex

Royal Southern Yacht Club Regatta on Thursday 1 August – 1.Valkyrie 2.Yarana 3.Deerhound 4.Irex

Royal Southampton Yacht Club Regatta on Tuesday 6 August  – Irex beat Yarana

Royal Yacht Squadron Regatta on Wed 7 August  – 1.Yarana 2.Foxglove 3.Valkyrie 4.Mohawk

Royal Yacht Squadron Regatta on Thursday 8 August  – Irex, Valkyrie, Deerhound and Yarana failed to answer the starting gun in a protest about the handicapping rules

Royal Yacht Squadron Regatta on Friday 9 August  – These yachts again refused to start the race. The four entered a £20 sweepstake – first prize £45; £25 second and £10 third. 1.Irex 2.Yarana. Valkyrie was disqualified and Deerhound gave up

Royal Portsmouth Corinthian Yacht Club on Monday 12 August  – The owners of Irex and Valkyrie declined to enter for Her Majesty’s Cup under rules other than the ordinary allowances of the Yacht Racing Association. Situation resolved. 1.Irex 2.Valkyrie 3.Yarana

Royal Victoria Yacht Club Regatta on Wednesday 14 August  – 1.Irex 2.Wendur 3.Valkyrie. Yarana gave up

Royal Victoria Yacht Club Regatta on Thursday 15 August– Valkyrie beat Yarana by 41 seconds

Royal Victoria Yacht Club Regatta on Friday 16 August  – Yarana (in retaining the Town Cup) beat Irex with Deerhound third in a race round the Isle of Wight. Valkyrie gave up

Royal Albert Yacht Club on Monday 19 August  – 1.Valkyrie 2.Yarana 3.Irex 4.Deerhound

Royal Dorset Yacht Club Regatta on Saturday 24 August  – 1.Valkyrie 2.Irex 3.Yarana

Torbay Royal Regatta on Monday 26 August  – 1.Yarana 2.Valkyrie 3.Deerhound

Royal Torbay Yacht Club Regatta on Tuesday 27 August  – 1.Yarana 2.Valkyrie 3.Deerhound

Royal Dart Yacht Club Regatta on Friday 30 August  – 1.Valkyrie 2.Yarana 3.Deerhound

THE ESSEX STANDARD – Saturday 29 March 1890 - “EAST DONYLAND – YACHTING –  Mr. Ralli’s famous yacht YARANA (W.W. Cranfield, captain), now lying at Rowhedge, may possibly go out to sail against the American yachts, a challenge having just been sent by Mr. Peabody, from America, to the yachts YARANA and THISTLE.”


THE TIMES – Monday 26 May 1890 - “THE COMING YACHT-RACING SEASON – W. Cranfield will sail the Yarana, which has a promising chance of again standing at the head of the winning list.”




ROYAL LONDON YACHT CLUB Matches on Wednesday 28 May – 1.Yarana 2.Thistle 3.Iverna 4.Valkyrie 5.Wendur.

ROYAL THAMES YACHT CLUB Matches on Thursday 29 May – 1.Yarana 2.Thistle 3.Valkyrie 4.Iverna.

NEW THAMES YACHT CLUB on Friday 1 June – 1.Creole 2.Yarana…others included Thistle, Iverna, Valkyrie, Deerhound, Castanet, Vanduara and Wendur.

CINQUE PORTS YACHT CLUB REGATTA at Dover on Monday 2 June – 1.Yarana (by time) beat Iverna, Thistle and Valkyrie.

CINQUE PORTS YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Tuesday 3 June – 1.Thistle 2.Creole. Yarana took part but not mentioned.

NEW THAMES YACHT CLUB Channel Match to Harwich on Saturday 7 June – 1.Creole (winner by time) 2.Yarana (second by time). Also in article- Thistle awarded first prize in the Royal Thames Race from the Nore to Dover and also first prize in the Royal London match of 28 May because of mistakes in her official measurements.

ROYAL HARWICH YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Monday 9 June – 1.Yarana 2.Thistle 3.Iverna 4.Valkyrie.

ROYAL HARWICH YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Tuesday 10 June – 1.Thistle 2.Yarana.

ROYAL SOUTHERN YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Friday 13 June – 1.Thistle 2.Valkyrie 3.Yarana.

ROYAL CORK YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Friday 20 June – 1.Yarana 2.Thistle. Valkyrie and White Slave did not reach Queenstown in time for the race.

ROYAL CORK YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Saturday 21 June – 1.Thistle 2.Yarana.

ROYAL MERSEY YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Saturday 28 June – 1.Yarana 2.Thistle 3.Valkyrie.

ROYAL CLYDE YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Saturday 5 July – 1.Thistle 2.Iverna 3.Valkyrie. Yarana gave up.

ROYAL CLYDE YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Tuesday 8 July – 1.Thistle 2.Yarana 3.Iverna 4.Valkyrie.

CLYDE CORINTHIAN REGATTA on Wednesday 9 July – 1.Thistle 2.Iverna 3.Valkyrie. Yarana gave up.

ROYAL WESTERN CLYDE YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Friday 11 July – 1.Thistle 2.Valkyrie 3.Iverna 4.Yarana.

ROYAL NORTHERN YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Saturday 12 July – 1.Thistle 2.Iverna 3.Valkyrie 4.Yarana 5.AmphitriteWendur, White Slave and Deerhound gave up.

ROYAL NORTHERN YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Monday 14 July – 1.Iverna 2.Valkyrie 3.ThistleYarana gave up.

ROYAL ULSTER YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Friday 18 July – 1.Thistle 2.Iverna 3.Valkyrie 4.Yarana.

ROYAL ULSTER YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Saturday 19 July – 1.Thistle 2.ValkyrieYarana, Iverna and White Slave gave up.

ROYAL ALFRED YACHT CLUB on Tuesday 22 July – 1.Iverna 2.Yarana 3.Wendur.

ROYAL ST. GEORGE’S YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Wednesday 23 July – 1.Iverna 2.Valkyrie 3.ThistleYarana gave up.

ROYAL ST. GEORGE’S YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Thursday 24 July – 1.Iverna 2.Valkyrie 3.Thistle 4.Yarana.

ROYAL FALMOUTH YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Wednesday 30 July – 1.Thistle 2.YaranaValkyrie gave up.

ROYAL PORTSMOUTH CORINTHIAN YACHT CLUB on Saturday 2 August – 1.Yarana 2.Iverna 3.ThistleValkyrie gave up.

ROYAL LONDON YACHT CLUB Matches on Monday 4 August – 1.Yarana 2.Thistle. Iverna disqualified.

ROYAL YACHT SQUADRON on Wednesday 6 August – 1.Yarana 2.AmphitriteIverna, Thistle and Valkyrie also took part.

ROYAL YACHT SQUADRON on Thursday 7 August – Cowes – 1.Valkyrie 2.Thistle 3.Yarana 4.Iverna.

ROYAL VICTORIA YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Tuesday 12 August – 1.Iverna 2.ThistleValkyrie and Yarana gave up.

ROYAL VICTORIA YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Wednesday 13 August – 1.Iverna 2.Yarana 3.Thistle.

ROYAL ALBERT YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Tuesday 19 August – 1.Iverna 2.Thistle 3.Valkyrie 4.Yarana 5.Castanet.

ROYAL DORSET YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Saturday 23 August – Bad weather. Thistle and Yarana did not start, Valkyrie soon retired and Iverna declared winner.

TORBAY REGATTA on Monday 25 August – 1.Iverna 2.Thistle 3.Yarana.

ROYAL TORBAY YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Tuesday 26 August – 1.Iverna 2.Valkyrie 3.Yarana.

ROYAL DART YACHT CLUB REGATTA on Friday 29 August – 1.Yarana 2.IvernaThistle and Valkyrie also competed.

ROYAL WESTERN YACHT CLUB OF ENGLAND REGATTA on Tuesday 2 September – 1.Iverna 2.Thistle 3.Yarana.

PORT OF PLYMOUTH ROYAL REGATTA on Wednesday 3 September – 1.Iverna 2.Thistle 3.Yarana. “At the close of the racing there was a display of winning flags, and the Thistle sported 22; Iverna 20; Deerhound 20 for English prizes and ten for prizes taken at Regattas on the Riviera; Yarana 17; and Lethe 11.”


THE OBSERVER – Monday 2 March 1891 - “YACHTING – Captain Cranfield, late skipper of the Yarana, has been appointed master of the Valkyrie, belonging to Earl Dunraven. This is looked upon as an intention on the part of the Earl to fit out, though no order respecting her has yet been given.”


THE OBSERVER – Sunday 5 April 1891 - “YACHTING – Southampton, Saturday – Lord Dunraven’s cutter Valkyrie will shortly receive her new copper and get under way. She will be steered by Cranfield, who last year was skipper of Mr. P.A. Ralli’s racer, Yarana, which will not leave her winter berth this year.”


THE HAMPSHIRE ADVERTISER - 11 April 1891 - “SOUTHAMPTON YACHTING NEWS - SALE OF THISTLE AND YARANA... The Solent regattas (says The Field) will not only be unusually numerous this year, but will eventuate with great éclat if all the schemes of committeemen are conducted to a successful issue... Yarana is in the sale list, but the “unexpected,” might happen in her case, just as it did in Thistle’s, and she may yet bear this season the fighting flag of another owner... The “unexpected” referred to by The Field has come to pass, as the Yarana has been sold to a gentleman well-known at Southampton, and who is a thorough yachtsman, viz., Mr. M. B. Kennedy, owner of the Maid Marion, yawl. Captain James Thompson, of this port, who has sailed the Maid Marion, and a crew left Southampton on Thursday morning for Rowhedge to take charge of the Yarana, and bring her to Southampton, where she will be fitted out for the Thames matches... W. Cranfield and a crew arrived at the yard [Fay and Co., at Northam] on Monday last to take charge of the Valkyrie, cutter, Earl Dunraven, and fit her out for the next season’s racing.”


THE OBSERVER – Sunday 19 April 1891 - “YACHTING – Lord Dunraven’s racer Valkyrie, has been caulked and is getting her copper on, and will probably be launched with Iverna. She is having a good fit, and will be sailed by last year’s crew of the Yarana.”


THE YACHTSMAN - 25 April 1891 - “Valkyrie will have the crew which sailed Yarana last year. Yarana will now rejoice in the name of Maid Marian.”

Also - “Mr. Myles Kennedy, who recently purchased Yarana from Mr. P. A. Ralli, intends altering her name to Maid Marian, and will race her under his old flag - black with a white M in centre... Valkyrie is being got ready for the matches on the Thames as quickly as possible, and as William Cranfield, who is now in charge, has got his old crew from Yarana shipped, she will probably give a good account of herself this summer.”



Official Number; 95053

Name of Ship; YARANA now MAID MARION

No., Date and Port of Registry; No.34. 1888. Cowes

Signal Letters - International Code; K.R.V.W.

Previous Registry; Nil

Whether British or Foreign Built; British

Whether a Sailing or Steam Ship; Sailing

Where Built; Partick, Glasgow

When Built; 1888

Name and Address of Builders; D. & W. Henderson & Co., Partick

No. of Decks; One

Number of Masts; One

Rigged; Cutter

Stern; Square

Build; Carvel

Galleries; None

Head; Billet

Framework; Composite

Length from fore part of Stem under the Bowsprit to the Aft side of the Head of the Stern Post; 75ft. 8 tenths

Main breadth to outside of plank; 14ft. 9 tenths

Depth in hold from Tonnage Deck to Ceiling at Midships; 10ft. 35 tenths

Gross Tonnage; 45.69 - Cubic Metres; 129.30

Owner; Paul Antonio Ralli, of 2 Emperors Gate, London, County of Middlesex, Gentleman.

Shares; Sixty four Shares - 64.

Dated at Glasgow the 10th  Day of May One thousand eight hundred and eighty eight.

Signed by the Registrar of Shipping.

“Custom House Glasgow 28rd May 1891. Name changed to “Maid Marion” under authority of Board of Trade, dated 7th May 1891. M9878.” Signature of Registrar.

“Certificate cancelled and Registry closed 21st September 1907. Vessel broken up” Signature of Registrar.

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