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Note from Peter Simons-

“As a boy I spent many happy hours with the Robinsons at Battleswick Farm. Uncle John farmed pigs and Suffolk sheep while uncle George kept the horses and was a champion ploughman. Aunt Frances kept house and ran the dairy and the cows. The floors at Battleswick were of uneven bricks and there was a pump in the kitchen taking water straight from the well outside. The huge kitchen had very high ceilings and was plagued with swarms of flies on the ceiling and chimney breast in winter. The land belonging to Battleswick included several farms such as Cabbage Hall and Glebe (or Parsonage) Farm. The Glebe and tithe barn (below) formerly stood in Rectory Road, where Hillview Close is today, the stockyard gates being opposite the entrance to the Recreation Ground."

Battleswick Farm 04a.jpg
Battleswick Farm 04b.jpg
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