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THE IPSWICH JOURNAL - 22 March 1800 - “FORTY POUNDS REWARD. WHEREAS between Friday Night the 14th of March, 1800, and the following Monday, TWO EWE SHEEP were stolen out of a field adjoining East Donyland Church, near Colchester, both of which are branded T.C. on the rump. Whoever will give information of the offender or offenders, shall on conviction, receive 40l. reward, by me, SAMUEL TAYLOR, St. Botolph’s-street, Colchester.

If strayed, a handsome reward will be given for their recovery.”


THE IPSWICH JOURNAL - 11 November 1815 - “NOTICE to CREDITORS, WILLIAM PIERCE, of Cabbage-hall, East Donyland, in the county of Essex, farmer, having assigned over all his estate and effects to Mr. Thomas Wolton, of Dagenham, near Romford, in the said county, farmer, and Mr. William Jackson, of Colchester, in the same county, auctioneer, in trust, for the benefit of his creditors; notice is hereby given, that the deed of assignment is left at the office of the said William Jackson in Colchester, for the creditors of the said William Pierce to execute, that they may forthwith receive the dividend arising from his effects. All persons to whom the said William Pierce stands indebted, are requested to deliver an account of their respective demands, to the said Thomas Wolton and William Jackson. And all persons indebted to the said William Pierce, are requested immediately to pay their respective debts to the said Thomas Wolton and William Jackson, who are duly authorised to receive and give discharge for the same. 30th October, 1815.”

ALSO- “Valuable Farming Live and Dead Stock, Unthrashed Corn, Stover Hay, Straw, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, Household Furniture, &c. CABBAGE HALL, EAST DONYLAND, NEAR COLCHESTER, ESSEX, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By W. JACKSON, On Monday, the 13th of November, 1815, ALL the Farming Stock, and other Effects, of Mr. WILLIAM PIERCE, of Cabbage Hall, under a Deed of Trust for the Benefit of Creditors; comprising 5 capital chestnut cart horses and mares, among which are a very clever 4-year old chestnut stallion, of the true Suffolk stock; a 2-year old ditto, by Mr. Freeman’s horse, Rivers Hall; a very capital chestnut mare, rising 6 years old, good and quiet in single harness, a good roadster and a clever hunter; 3 prime young milch cows in calf, and a good working bull; 8 shoats and 3 large hogs; 2 good road wagons, 1 tumbrel, 2 ton carts, ploughs, harrows, rolls, hurdles, plough and cart harness, and implements in husbandry; part of a stack of excellent ryegrass hay, 2 stacks of wheat, 1 stack of barley, part of a stack of oats, a quantity of wheat in the barn, 2 fields of turnips (9 acres and 14 acres), 7 acres of carrots and 2 of Swedish turnips, with a quantity of straw and manure.

The Household Furniture consists of 7 4-post and other bedsteads, various hangings, 7 good goose featherbeds, bolsters and pillows, blankets and counterpanes, Kidderminster carpet, an 8-day clock, bureau and bookcase, pier and dressing glasses, tables, chairs, drawers, &c. good brewing and washing coppers, mash and guile tubs, sweet season’d beer casks, with good dairy utensils, and a variety of other articles; all of which will be expressed in catalogues, to be had at the place of sale, and of the auctioneer, Colchester.

N.B. On account of the number of lots, the sale will commence precisely at Ten o’clock in the forenoon.”


THE IPSWICH JOURNAL - 19 October 1816 - “VALUABLE FARMING LIVE and DEAD STOCK, EAST DONYLAND, near COLCHESTER, ESSEX, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Wm. JACKSON, On Thursday, October 24, 1816, ALL the valuable Farming Live and Dead Stock, and other effects of Mr. JAMES VELL, Donyland Heath; comprising 4 strong and useful cart horses, young and prime workers, two riding horses, one 4, the other 3 years old, handsome bay suckerel cart colt, 5 prime young milch cows, well timed in calf, 2 year-old heifers, weaned calf, 54 Southdown ewes and wether lambs, 26 3-year old Southdown ewes, fit for the butcher, two young sows, and about 20 head of swine, good strong road wagon, 1 harvest ditto, scrave, 2 tumbrels, 2 ton carts, 4 ploughs, 4 gang harrows, 5 rolls, dressing machine, plough and cart harness, and implements of husbandry, all of which will be expressed in catalogues, to be had at the place of sale, and of the Auctioneer, Colchester. Sale to begin at Ten o’clock.”


THE SUFFOLK CHRONICLE - 28 August 1819 - “A DESIRABLE FREEHOLD FARM, Near Colchester, Essex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By W.M. JACKSON, THIS DAY, August 28, 1819, at the Red Lion, Colchester, at Twelve o’clock at Noon, ALL that valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called “MIDDLE-WICK WOOD FARM,” situated in the parish of  East Donyland, near Colchester, and comprises about 150 acres (more or less) of good arable and pasture Land, with convenient farm-house, yards, and gardens, good barn, stable, and other out-buildings, now in the occupation of Mr. John Ward, as tenant at will; and may be viewed by application to him.

Further particulars and conditions of sale may be had in due time of Messrs. Nelson and Jackson, Solicitors, Kelvedon; Mr. Jackson, Solicitor, Woodbridge; Mr. Townsend, Solicitor, Romford; at the Auction Mart, London; and of the Auctioneer, Colchester.”

THE IPSWICH JOURNAL - 5 May 1827 - “AT EAST DONYLAND, NEAR COLCHESTER, ESSEX, To be SOLD by Auction, By J.G. FENN, On Friday the 11th day of May, 1827, The property of Mr. JOHN MAY, Who is leaving his farm, ALL his Live and Dead Farming Stock, &c.; comprising 4 useful cart geldings and mares, 5 young and exceedingly good milch cows, now in full profit; a very capital road waggon, harvest ditto, 2 strong broad wheel tumbrils, one ton cart, water butt and carriage, 2 very good foot ploughs, 2 gangs of harrows, new 2-horse roll and other useful implements and tools in husbandry; also cart and plough harness, brewing and dairy utensils, and some household furniture, as will be expressed in Catalogues, to be had in due time at the Lion Inn, Colchester; Place of Sale; and of the Auctioneer, Ardleigh, Essex. Sale to commence at Ten o’clock.”

THE ESSEX STANDARD - Friday 19 May 1837 - “FREEHOLD ESTATES, DONYLAND, NEAR COLCHESTER, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY Messrs. Hawes and Fenton, On Tuesday, May 30, 1837, at the King’s Arms Inn, Crouch Street, Colchester, at Two for Three precisely, in Two Lots:

LOT 1. ALL that very compact and desirable small FREE-HOLD FARM, adjoining Donyland Heath, in the parish of East Donyland, and within 3 miles of Colchester; comprising Five Fields or Inclosures of excellent Arable Land, in good cultivation, in the occupation of Mr. BARNABAS PETTITT, containing by a recent admeasurement 18A, Or, 18P., including a Cottage and Garden thereon, in the occupation of WENT.

This Property abuts on the high toad leading from Colchester to Fingringhoe, and, with the exception of such road, is surrounded by the Lands of Wm. Hobson, Esq.- Apportioned Land-tax £1. 7s.; Free-rent 7s. 4d.

LOT 2. Is a FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of Four Cottages, two of which were formerly a Bay Mill, situate at Birch Brook or Bares Brook, in East Donyland aforesaid, together with a large Garden, formerly the mill pond, and Three small Fields of Arable Land, adjoining thereto, containing; with the site of the Cottages and Garden, 6A, Or, 39P.

This Property is situate near Lot 1, adjoining the aforesaid road, and the Lands are in the occupation of Mr. PETTITT. The Cottages are let to WRIGHT, COLLINSON, GOODY, and DOVE, at Rents amounting together to £19 per annum. There is a good fall of Water on this Lot, and the mill might, at a comparatively small expense, be restored and used as a Water Corn mill, which, from the increasing population of the neighbourhood, would probably be an excellent speculation.- Apportioned Land-tax 9s.; Free-rent 1s.

The Property may be viewed on application to the Tenants, and further Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be had of Messrs. DANIELL, Solicitors, Colchester (at whose Offices Maps of the Lots may be seen); and of the Auctioneers, Colchester and Mersea.”

THE ESSEX STANDARD - Friday 21 July 1837 - “FREEHOLD ESTATE - GENTEEL FAMILY RESIDENCE, NEAR COLCHESTER, WITH LAND ATTACHED. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY Messrs. HAWES and FENTON, On Friday the 28th day of July, 1837, at the Red Lion Inn, Colchester, at Twelve o’clock for One precisely, in Two Lots, by direction of the surviving Trustee, under the Will of the late Mr. JOSEPH VERLANDER, deceased.

Lot 1. ALL that capital FAMILY RESIDENCE, known as “East Donyland Lodge,” within two miles and a half of Colchester, containing spacious dining and small drawing rooms, convenient parlour, 6 airy bed-rooms, large kitchen, store-room and various offices adapted to the convenience of a family of respectability; with large garden, small orchard, and ornamental shrubberies, through which is a carriage drive to the house.

Attached are the Farming Buildings, comprising a barn, stable, cowhouse, cartlodge, &c., all in good repair, and SIXTY ACRES, little more or less, of good arable and pasture LAND, in a regular state of cultivation.

This Estate, from its pleasant situation, the healthiness of the soil, good roads, and excellent water, is well calculated for any Gentleman desiring a small Farming business in connection with respectable residence.

The outgoings are £3. 8. 0.”

[Lot 2. Two tenements, barn, stable, cowhouse, twenty-four acres in St. Giles, near the Old Heath Bell].

THE ESSEX STANDARD - Friday 13 October 1837 - “DONYLAND, NEAR COLCHESTER, VALUABLE LIVE AND DEAD AGRICULTURAL STOCK, Rye Grass & Clover hay, about 25 tons; 3 Acres of Carrots, and other Effects; TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION BY Messrs. Hawes and Fenton, At Donyland lodge, on Thursday, October 19th, 1837, by order of the Executor of the late Mr. J. Verlander; COMPRISING a stack of very superior Rye Grass and Clover Hay, about 25 tons; 3 Acres of Carrots, in Lots; 6 chestnut Horses and Colts, 3 Cows in Calf, 30 fat Southdown Sheep, and 5 Sows forward in pig; road wagon in good condition, harvest ditto with new buck, 3 three-quarter carts, capital wash butt, 4 ploughs, 3 gangs of harrows, 2 rollers, stack ladders, turnip and straw cribs, suitable cart and plough harness, dressing machine, barn implements, &c. &c.

Sale to commence at Ten for Eleven o’clock.”

THE ESSEX STANDARD - Friday 4 May 1838 - “COLCHESTER CASTLE. Saturday, April 28 - Mr. Barnabas Pettitt, a respectable farmer of East Donyland, was charged with trespassing upon the lands of P. Havens, Esq., of that parish, and taking a quantity of fish from a pond on Wednesday the 25th ult. Mr. Pettitt, in defence, stated that he had been in the habit of fishing upon complainant’s manor for years with consent, and had had no intimation that he was not to do so in the present instance. Mr. Havens stated to the Bench, that defendant was in error, for his (Mr. Havens’s) son had sent him a note requesting him to keep off his lands; but he did not wish to press the charge, and would be satisfied by defendant paying the expenses. The Chairman told defendant, that he ought to feel obliged to Mr. havens for his kindness, for if the case had been pressed to a conviction, the utmost penalty would have been inflicted. defendant paid the expenses 12s., and was discharged.”

THE ESSEX STANDARD - 6 August 1841 - “DEATHS - On the 3rd inst., aged 57, much respected and deeply regretted by his family and friends, Mr. Barnabas Pettitt, of East Donyland Place, in this county.”

THE ESSEX STANDARD - 3 September 1841 - “DONYLAND PLACE FARM - NEAR COLCHESTER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY Mr. J.G. Fenn, On Friday, the 1st of October, 1841. ALL the valuable Live and Dead FARMING STOCK and other Effects, late the Property of Mr. BARNABAS PETTITT, deceased. Further Particulars in due time.”

THE ESSEX STANDARD - 24 September 1841 - “DONYLAND PLACE FARM - NEAR COLCHESTER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY Mr. J.G. Fenn, On Friday, the 1st of October, 1841, by direction of the Executors of the late Mr. BARNABAS PETTITT, deceased.

ALL the good Live and Dead FARMING STOCK, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, on that occupation; comprising Nine very clever and useful Cart Geldings and Mares, 2 Cart Colts, 2 Riding Colts, and a black Hackney Mare, good to ride and drive; 2 5-years old Milch Cows, in calf; 3 young Sows, 16 good Shotes, and 12 Store Pigs; also road and harvest wagons, full-sized and ¾ load tumbrels, wheel and foot ploughs, harrows, rolls, and a general assortment of farming tools; together with the cart and plough harness, and brewing and dairy utensils; Catalogues of which are in circulation, and may be had at Mr. BRACKETT’S, Printer, Colchester; Place of Sale; and of the Auctioneer, Rookery, Ardleigh.

Sale to commence at Ten o’clock in the Forenoon.”

THE ESSEX STANDARD - Friday 10 December 1841 - “SHEEP STEALING - Two fat ewe sheep were stolen on Wednesday night from a field near Donyland Park, in the occupation of Mr. J. Wright, of East Donyland Place. They were slaughtered on the Heath, where the heads, skins, &c., were afterwards found. A reward has been offered by Mr. Wright for the discovery of the offenders.”

THE ESSEX STANDARD - Friday 15 September 1848 - “AT DONYLAND-PLACE, near COLCHESTER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY J.S. Surridge, On Thursday, the 21st of September, 1848, by direction of the Proprietor, who has Let the Estate, ALL his valuable Live and Dead FARMING STOCK; consisting of 12 compact Draught Horses and Colts, 200 Sheep and Lambs, 60 Shotes, and the requisite dead stock and implements for the cultivation of an extensive occupation.”


ESSEX HERALD – 19 September 1848 – “DONYLAND-PLACE, near COLCHESTER. ALL THE VALUABLE LIVE & DEAD FARMING STOCK, Implements, &c. thereon. TO BE SOLD AT AUCTION, By J.S. Surridge, On Thursday, the 21st of September, 1848, by Direction of Mr. John Wright, the Proprietor, who has Let the Estate, comprising 13 Powerful and compact young draught horses and colts, bays and chesnuts (sic), 120 good Leicester shearling sheep, 100 excellent Down lambs, 3 superior Suffolk and short-horn milch cows, 3 fat calves, 12 fresh Scot and short-horn bullocks, 60 strong shoats, 2 sows, with store pigs, turkeys, hens, chickens, &c.

 Three good wagons, nearly-new chaff cutting machine, two dressing machines, two oil cake breakers, horse dew rake, four-horse power thrashing machine, compost drill, four wheel ploughs, two iron stretch scarifiers, iron and wood harrows, clod and light rolls, broad and narrow wheel tumbrels, two copsey carts, nearly-new cart and plough harness, ladders, neat gig, and various other effects, as particularized in catalogues, to be had at Fenton’s printing office, Colchester, and at the Auctioneer’s offices, Coggeshall and Inworth Hall.

 Persons requiring good sound stock which have been upon the farm for some time, will find this a safe and excellent opportunity.

 Sale to commence at half-past Ten o’clock.”

ESSEX HERALD – 25 March 1851 – “On Friday night, a poultry-house on Cabbage-hall Farm, East Donyland, was forcibly entered, and 14 hens, belonging to Mr. Robert Blomfield, were stolen therefrom.”

THE ESSEX STANDARD - 30 April 1852 - “COLCHESTER SHEEP AND CATTLE SHOW - The newly-established annual Spring Sheep and Cattle Show, which it may be recollected was so very successfully opened last year, was held in St. Anne’s Field, in this town, yesterday (Thursday). There was a large attendance of the gentry, farmers, and dealers, and a great deal of business was done, although, mainly owing perhaps, to the scarcity of feed arising from the recent unusual drought, it could hardly be considered so brisk as last year, prices also being a trifle lower From 10,000 to 12,000 sheep were penned, and some lots of store and fat beasts were also on sale, but for the latter few purchasers were met with. The following were among the principal lots in the fair:- .... Mr. Bruce, Donyland Hall, had 500 hoggets, fetching from 28s. to 32s.”

Hogget = a sheep of one to two years.

THE SUFFOLK CHRONICLE - 12 April 1856 - “IMPORTANT TO FARMERS, GRAZIERS, BREEDERS, &c., OF ESSEX AND SUFFOLK. The above are respectfully informed, in consequence of the immense admiration excited at Woodbridge by the BLUE ROAN HORSE “PHENOMENON,” it is the intention of his Proprietor, Mr. H. Hamblion, to offer the services of the same at the under-mentioned places..... WILL COVER THIS SEASON, 1856, At 2 Sovereigns each Mare, and 2s. 6d. the Groom, Half to be paid at the time of Covering, and the remainder the first week in June.... Will leave Colchester on Monday, April 7th, 1856, and attend the following places once a fortnight.... Friday (18th), Donyland, Fingringhoe, Abberton, East and West Mersea, and home that night till Monday morning.”

SUFFOLK AND ESSEX FREE PRESS – 1 December 1859 – “WANTED, in a Farm House, a SINGLE MAN, age not under 30, to see after a Horse and Cow, and who understands Farming Work, and to make himself generally useful. A good character required.- Apply, by letter, A.B. Post Office, Donyland, near Colchester.”

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