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VANADIS - built 1908 - Cornelius K.G. Billings

In 1908 an American multi-millionaire  sportsman, Mr. C.K.G. Billings, had a luxury steam yacht built on the Clyde.... called Vanadis.  So popular were British-built steam yachts that the American government  brought in a special tax to try and deter Americans from having them built abroad..... Herreshoff’s yards at Rhode Island (builders of the America’s Cup defenders Defender and Columbia) closed due to lack of orders, a hint that Americans were getting more for their dollars over here.... and better craftsmanship.

Cornelius Kingsley Garrison Billings (1861-1937) was a wealthy industrialist, a noted horseman and tycoon.


ESSEX COUNTY STANDARD – Saturday 5 December 1908 - “EAST DONYLAND - LOCAL FOOTBALLERS IN NEW YORK - A match was played in New York on Saturday, Nov. 14, between the officers and crew of the s.y. Liberty and the officers and crew of the s.y. Vanadis. The Chief Officer of each yacht captained their respective teams; both sides were confident of winning. The match was played on the Hoboken recreation ground, before a good crowd of supporters. It proved to be a very fast and exciting game, each goal being visited in turn. At half-time the score was a blank. On restarting both sides worked their very hardest to obtain a goal, but both goalkeepers were alert, and no player could find the net until seven minutes from time, when Cottle scored the only goal of the match for the s.y. Liberty. Cottle is brother to the back playing for Bristol City. The game ended with the score unaltered, Liberty 1, Vanadis nil. Most of the Vanadis crew are Colne boys. C.J. Carter was referee.”


The registry of the first Vanadis was not closed until 1925 so the last article could refer to either vessel.

As the second Vanadis was not under British registry there are no crew lists until 1911 when she had been sold or whatever by Billings (did he die?) but few after that date. CHECK.

New York Times - 7 June 1908

Vanadis football team of 1912 - New York

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